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October 24 2017

Grace Burrowes and Elizabeth Hoyt on Dukes, Series Endings, and More!

Grace Burrowes and Elizabeth Hoyt are two of our go-to historical romance authors, so of course when we had the opportunity to ask them questions, we jumped at the chance! Want to know who their...
August 30 2017

Cowboy Professions: He Wears More Hats Than Just a Stetson!

Today we're thrilled to host Jennifer Ryan (Montana Heat: Escape to You) on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Most people know being a cowboy isn't just a job... it's a way of life! That means...
Rhyll Biest
August 7 2017

4 Romance Novels to Read If You Love Grumpy Heroes!

Step right up, step right up, get your grumpy male heroes here! We’ve got your circus grumps, your broody gay grumps, your shifter grumps, and your hermit grumps. Each and every one of your...
July 24 2017

Clothes Make the Man: 4 Fashionable Heroes from Schwab, Reisz, and More

Today we're thrilled to welcome J.R. Gray (author of Say Yes) to Heroes and Heartbreakers! For James, the hero of Say Yes, clothes are a defining part of who he is and how he expresses his...
July 6 2017

Do Your Hero Preferences Match Your Real-Life Taste in Men?

We've established that some people like the alpha-hole in romance, while hating him in real life. Others love the beta male in real life, but find he's lacking the edge they seek in a romance...
June 19 2017

Two Different Authors, One Very Sexy Hero—The Alpha!

Today we're thrilled to welcome not one but two authors to Heroes and Heartbreakers—Anne Calhoun (Turn Me Loose) and Jeffe Kennedy (With a Prince). It's always a great coincidence...
April 24 2017

Two Sides to Every “Nice” Guy: A Case Study

As the adage goes, “nice guys finish last.” Out in the real world this may not be the case. I always like the nice guy—I think a lot of us do! However, for every nice guy in real...
March 30 2017

Marry, Kiss, Kill: The Ultimate Alpha Archetype Edition

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sidney Halston (Kiss Marry Kill) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. We love the title of her upcoming book and so thought it would be fun to play the game of the same...
March 21 2017

The “Real” Mr. Darcy: It Was Never About the Face

Back in February of this year (2017) the New York Times ran an article in response to a study on the real!Mr. Darcy, commissioned by Britain’s UKTV. The original study was carried out by...
February 17 2017

What Is the Difference Between a Rake and a Rogue?

If you’ve ever walked down the aisle of a bookstore in the romance section you’ve no doubt scene one or two words that consistently jump out at you when you peruse the historical romance...
October 18 2016

Ross Poldark, Problematic Fave: We Love Him Even When We Want to Kick Him

Ross Poldark is a good man. And he's also not a good man. He's caring and passionate. He's also stubborn and willful. He's a fully rounded and explored character, and in the Poldark TV...
August 10 2016

Quiz: What Romance Novel Cover Are You?

Does one type of romance novel cover catch your eye? Are you tried and true to swoony couples or are you interested in a bit of mystery and a ripped torso? Think you know? Take our quiz and tell us...
August 2 2016

When Plus Really Is More: Alice Clayton’s Cream of the Crop

When it comes to romance, you could say a good romance novel has done its job if it gives the feels, if it indulges a fantasy, or provides an escape. And of course the combination of richly layered...
July 26 2016

Cover Tuesday: Exclusive Reveal from Dawn Ryder!

Today Team H&H is thrilled to bring you an exclusive cover reveal for Dawn Ryder's upcoming novel Deep Into Trouble, the third book in her Unbroken Heroes series.  Saxon,...
July 18 2016

I Need a Hero: Arrow’s Oliver Queen

Today we're thrilled to welcome Amy E. Reichert (Luck, Love, & Lemon Pie) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Amy may write women's fiction, but at night she has a secret identity—as...
July 18 2016

The Top 10 Nora Roberts Novels as Decided Upon By A Very Biased Party

Nora Roberts’s novels were amongst some of the first I picked up in the romance genre and I consumed them voraciously. I love the way she draws her characters, I love the way her stories...
July 11 2016

5 Lessons Readers Can Learn from Romance Novels

We're thrilled to welcome Christie Craig (Divorced, Desperate, and Daring) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Christie is here to offer five lessons every woman should learn from those steamy, emotional...
June 28 2016

Do You Have a Preference on Who “Falls” First?

When it comes to romance, we know that a couple is going to fall in love, but when it comes to who falls in love first, well that can be fun!  Many times, especially when it comes to an...
June 17 2016

Trend Alert: Farmers?

Earlier this week in our Afternoon Tea Facebook video, editor Lizzie Poteet and I sat down and talked about hero professions. Lizzie, after coming back from vacation and discovering her love of...
June 16 2016

Is the First Hero the Most Accessible?: How The introduction to a Series Can Make a Difference

If you binge-read series like I do, you may have noticed a trend that I like to call the Vanilla First Syndrome. Let’s assume that men are like ice cream and we readers enjoy different flavors....
June 9 2016

What Do You Think is the Next “Alpha” Profession?

Rakish dukes, billionaire CEOs, charming (or not) cowboys, rough-and-tumble bikers. What do they all have in common? Why they're the professions of some of the most alpha of alphas in romance!  Romance...
May 11 2016

Have Your Heathcliff…and Keep Him, Too—Finding the Balance Between Historical Accuracy and Modernly Lovable Heroes and Heroines

Historically accurate but still lovable heroes in historical romance is a tricky line to walk, but the ones who do it well land on Lenora Bell's (author of How the Duke was Won) keeper shelf....
May 9 2016

Reader Seeks... Tattoo Artist!

We love tattoo artists in romance! Recently we got a request from a reader who's looking for a book series featuring a family of tattoo artists. Do you recognize this book? The first...
May 4 2016

An Intimate Look at First Person with J.C. Cliff’s Undaunted Men

Most of the time, I find books written in first-person to be a little unnerving. It’s almost too intimate to bear, for one thing, but I find it can also be limiting in my experience as a...
April 20 2016

Are You More Willing to Forgive a Hero Than a Heroine?

Many times books, TV shows, and movies get the conflict going with the Big Unforgivable Thing. Just off the top of our heads we've seen cheating (not usually on the other half of the couple,...
April 19 2016

What Type of Romance Hero Would You Want to... Clean Your House!?

Last week, one of our bloggers sent me a link about the “Men in Kilts” cleaning service. I've heard of similarly fetishized services being offered through women—a “real”...
February 15 2016

Cats Are Romance Heroes?

Today we're thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Boyle to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Elizabeth's latest release, The Knave of Hearts, came out last week, and features the return of one of our favorite...
February 12 2016

Who Are Your Top 5 Heroes of All Time?

This Sunday, H&H is launching our second annual Swoonworthiest Couple Battle, The Swoonies! Sunday is a pretty big day for us—it's both Valentine's Day, and our 5th birthday—so...
January 25 2016

What Real Celebrity Would Make a Great Romance Character?

It is no secret on the Twitterverse that I love Tom Hiddleston, and I think he'd make a great romance hero. There are a ton celebrities—David Gandy, Blake Lively, Chris Evans to name...
December 18 2015

Who’s the Most Relatable Character?

Whether the heroine likes all the same things you do, or it's a secondary character that says all the same things we do, it's great to have a character we can relate to! In fact, if romances—which...