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January 27 2016

Will’s True Wish: Exclusive Excerpt

Grace Burrowes
It's a dog's life... Will Dorning, as an earl's spare, has accepted the thankless duty of managing his rambunctious younger siblings, though Will's only true companions are...
October 19 2015

Daniel’s True Desire: Exclusive Excerpt

Grace Burrowes
An honorable life Daniel Banks is a man of the cloth whose vocation is the last comfort he has left-and even his churchman's collar is beginning to feel like a noose. At the urging of...
February 13 2015

Kiss Me Hello: Exclusive Excerpt

Grace Burrowes
He loves her, she loves him not...? In the third novel of The Sweetest Kisses series, single mom Sidonie Lindstrom has her hands full with a troubled foster son, an abrupt adjustment...
June 22 2014

The Captive: Exclusive Excerpt

Grace Burrowes
He'll never be free... Captured and tortured by the French, Christian Severn, Duke of Mercia, survives by vowing to take revenge on his tormentors. Before the duke can pursue his...
September 9 2013

Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait: Exclusive Excerpt

Grace Burrowes
What Lady Jenny wants for Christmas... For Christmas, soft-spoken Lady Jenny Windham craves the freedom to pursue her artistic ambitions, though it will mean scandalizing her ducal parents...
July 29 2013

Once Upon a Tartan: Exclusive Excerpt

Grace Burrowes
Tiberius Flynn travels to Scotland with orders to snatch his young niece away from her Highland relations. He thinks it's going to be an easy task, until he meets the feisty little girl...
March 11 2013

Darius: Exclusive Excerpt

Grace Burrowes
Desperate, penniless, and shunned by his wealthy father, Darius Lindsey begins keeping company with jaded society ladies. He hangs onto his last shreds of honor, but he's losing ground financially...
January 29 2013

Lady Eve’s Indiscretion: New Excerpt

Grace Burrowes
Lady Eve's Got The Perfect Plan Pretty, petite Evie Windham has been more indiscreet than her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Moreland, suspect. Fearing that a wedding night would reveal her...
November 28 2012

The Bridegroom Wore Plaid: New Excerpt

Grace Burrowes
His Family or His Heart — One of Them Will Be Betrayed... Ian MacGregor is wooing a woman who's wrong for him in every way. As the new Earl of Balfour, though, he must marry an English...
April 24 2012

Lady Maggie’s Secret Scandal: New Excerpt

Grace Burrowes
Maggie Windham, oldest of the Windham sisters and a by-blow from His Grace’s pre-marital wild oats, finds herself in desperate needs of an investigator to help her retrieve a missing reticule. Benjamin...