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January 9 2013

XOXO, Gossip Girl: Saying Good-Bye to Gossip Girl

                  In its six-year run, which ended with the series finale on December 17, Gossip Girl has been the...
June 9 2012

Goodbye, Gossip Girl: I’m Leaving You, and This Time I Mean It

I am so angry with myself. Livid. I should have known it was coming. I should have known it would come to a bad end: all disappointment, depression and outright disgust. I mean, my goodness, I’m talking...
March 13 2012

The Princess and the Pretender: Gossip Girl’s Unlikeliest Couple Lives!

Oh, Gossip Girl. So many times this season I have been this close to deleting you from my regular viewing schedule. There has been some outright silliness that has been difficult to get past, most of...
November 1 2011

The State of Play on Gossip Girl, or What’s Up with Dan and Blair?

Five episodes into the season and already a CW-mandated break in programming! What better time than this, then, for a contemplation of just what’s been going down on the Upper East Side… Well,...
September 19 2011

Falling into This Season’s TV Show Premieres, Part 2

How are you surviving TV premiere week? Bleary eyes, lots of coffee, lots of inward squees and groans? Yes. Exactly. We pick up where we left off last week’s Falling into This Season’s TV...
June 14 2011

Teenage Dream: My Top 10 Romantic Teenage Adaptations

As promised in My Top 10 Romantic Adaptations: my favorite teen adaptations! The big news in movies last week wasn’t the casting of some big name star in a forthcoming comic book flick or...
May 3 2011

When Worlds Collide: Gossip Girl Meets Downton Abbey (Finally!)

According to Gossip, Downton Abbey was a hot topic among certain Upper East Siders last night, to which I say: About damn time! Honestly, while they're nearly a century and a pond apart, there are...
April 18 2011

Gossip Girl’s Dan and Blair: Hating Their Way to Love

My age-inappropriate love affair with episodic teenage melodrama goes back to, I believe, Dawson’s Creek. True, when those plucky Capesiders were first talking themselves into a frenzy of polysyllabic...