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August 8 2017

8 Lighthearted Science-Fiction Romances to Help You Relax Under Any Circumstance!

Science-fiction romance generally explores intense topics, including alien invasions/attacks, war, political strife, human trafficking, and all kinds of catastrophes. That's not even counting...
February 27 2015

Comedic Sci-Fi Romance: Sex, Jokes, and Science in Space

One of life's literary challenges involves the combination of science fiction, romance, and comedy—three genres competing for center stage in a single story. Blending these three genres well...
Kristen Oh
February 12 2015

Read If You Like...Television-to-Book Edition!: Roswell, Scandal, and The Walking Dead

As romance fans, we look for the romance no matter what form it takes—books, TV, movies. We've assembled a list of some favorite (and wildly divergent) TV shows, and want to suggest some books...
May 9 2012

Moms of the Future: Why Are There So Few Moms in Sci-Fi Romance?

Ah, motherhood! It’s an unparalleled experience of cuddling with rosy-cheeked babies, holding the wee little hands of children during their wide-eyed discovery of the world’s myriad experiences,...
April 11 2012

Matzah For Thought: Judaism, Empathy and a Taste of the Passover Seder

One of the things I love about the service/meal that serves as the spiritual center of Passover, the Seder, is the forum it provides for discussion. It’s very easy for Seder participants to get lost...
December 11 2011

Men Are Really From Mars: Alien Lover Fantasies

In paranormal romance, the vampires are most often embodied by the heroes. Heroes-as-vampires offers a specific fantasy, namely that of the dark and dangerous, yet ultimately safe lover. That subgenre’s...
December 6 2011

The Eight Characters of Chanukah, from Lora Leigh, Jeaniene Frost, Megan Hart, and More!

I’d like to take the opportunity of this wonderful Chanukah holiday to honor those authors who have written about Jewish Characters in leading roles. Because despite pressure, market or otherwise,...
December 5 2011

The Courtship Dance in Science Fiction Romance

Meaningful looks, witty banter, a moonlit walk, and a sumptuous meal at a ritzy restaurant are just a few examples of the courtship dances we encounter in romance stories (oh, yeah, and there’s lots...