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October 31 2017

The Haunting of Maria

Today we're thrilled—and a little anxious—to host Cecy Robson (Eternal) on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Why are we anxious you ask? Because to celebrate Halloween, Cecy is here to...
October 26 2017

9 Halloween Movie Classics That Are Secretly Romances

It’s my favorite time of year—Halloween! While I usually—I say usually, because sometimes I can’t help myself—wait until October to watch my favorite spooky movies,...
May 15 2017

First Look: Ilona Andrews’ White Hot (May 30, 2017)

Ilona Andrews White Hot (Hidden Legacy #2) Avon / May 30, 2017 / $7.99 print, $6.99 digital When I heard that the release date for this book had been pushed back until May 2017, I was sure...
July 18 2016

The Top 10 Nora Roberts Novels as Decided Upon By A Very Biased Party

Nora Roberts’s novels were amongst some of the first I picked up in the romance genre and I consumed them voraciously. I love the way she draws her characters, I love the way her stories...
May 20 2015

Turning the Tables on Paranormal Romance: Jenn Bennett’s Roaring Twenties Series

When you hear the term “paranormal romance” what are the first words that pop into your mind? For the most part I think it’s safe to say that vampires and werewolves would be...
April 14 2015

Spooked: Ghosts, Poltergeists, and the Afterlife from Movies, TV...and Real Life?

Today we're thrilled to welcome Maggie Mae Gallagher to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Maggie Mae's Remember Me, book 1 in her Mystic Series, just came out on April 7, and features a psychic who...
October 21 2014

Boo! Here’s Your Match!: Spooktacular Matchmakers in Romance

The times, they are a-changin’. But in one crucial way they are still the same—in order to reach your HEA you have to first meet your Mister or Ms. Right. In real life the most popular ways...
June 17 2014

First Look: Molly Harper’s Better Homes and Hauntings (June 24, 2014)

Molly Harper Better Homes and Hauntings Pocket / June 24, 2014 / $7.99 print / $7.99 digital When Nina Linden is hired to landscape a private island off the New England coast, she sees it...
January 3 2014

First Look: Karen White’s Return to Tradd Street (January 7, 2014)

Karen White Return to Tradd Street NAL / January 7, 2014 / $15.00 print, $7.99 digital Facing her future as a single mother, psychic Realtor Melanie Middleton is determined to be strong...
October 29 2013

Ghost Writing: Favorite Fictional Ghosts

I wrote a post a couple of years ago about my favorite ghostly romances, but there are other ghosts who have delighted this reader’s heart who are either not protagonists or not characters in...
June 27 2013

First Look: Jude Deveraux’s True Love (July 2, 2013)

Jude Deveraux True Love Random House / July 9, 2013 / $27.00 print, $12.99 digital Just as Alix Madsen is finishing up architectural school, Adelaide Kingsley dies and wills her, for one...
March 30 2013

First Look: Zoe Archer’s Sinner’s Heart (April 2, 2013)

Zoe Archer Sinner’s Heart Zebra / April 2, 2013 / $6.99 print, $4.99 digital Abraham Stirling, Lord Rothwell, was a fighter once, a soldier in the Colonies. But Bram returned to London...
February 21 2013

A Heart’s a Heavy Burden: The Simple Love of Hayao Miyazaki

I've a confession to make. I, Christopher Charles Morgan, love cartoons. There is nothing nearly as comforting as cartoons when you are feeling crappy. During a particularly rough week in grad school,...
December 26 2012

Beyond Vampires and Werewolves: Diversity in Paranormal Romance

What’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions the words “paranormal romance?” Vampires? Werewolves? Shifters of another sort? Angels, fallen or otherwise? Fan favorites...
October 30 2012

Our Love is Alive (Even if You’re Not): The Undead as Romantic Protagonists

The course of true love never did run smooth, but there are obstacles and there are obstacles. The person you love is a thousand-year-old vampire? That’s a problem. The person you love is married...
October 25 2012

No Hair, No Fangs: The Next Wave in Paranormal Romance

Have you had enough of alpha shapeshifters and their bad habit of marking their territory all over your house? Have you had enough of immortal vampires snacking on you? Have you had enough of fallen...
October 19 2012

First Look: Sharon Lynn Fisher’s Ghost Planet (October 30, 2012)

Sharon Lynn Fisher Ghost Planet Tor / October 30, 2012 / $7.99 print & digital A world in peril. A bond deeper than love. Psychologist Elizabeth Cole prepared for the worst when...
July 29 2012

First Look: Lexi George’s Demon Hunting in the Deep South (July 31, 2012)

Lexi George Demon Hunting in the Deep South Brava / July 31, 2012 / $14.00 print & $11.99 digital Evie Douglass doesn’t know what’s worse—the demons secretly infesting her small...
June 2 2012

It’s a Tough Job, But Someone’s Gotta Do it: Paranormal Detectives from Kalayna Price, Jim Butcher, Darynda Jones, and Stacia Kane

The protagonist of Kalayna Price’s Alex Craft series, Alex Craft, has an interesting job: Craft has the ability to raise the shades of the dead so that they can communicate to the living how they...
March 26 2012

Fresh Meat: Amanda Stevens’s The Kingdom (March 27, 2012)

Amanda Stevens The Kingdom Mira/Mar. 27, 2012/$7.99 print, $6.39 digital My name is Amelia Gray. They call me The Graveyard Queen. I’ve been commissioned to restore an old cemetery in...
October 29 2011

Ghostly Love Stories: Tryst, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and My Heart Stood Still

I avoid horror tales and rarely read the paranormal stories that are popular with many readers, but I do have a fondness for romances with a ghost as protagonist. I plan to celebrate Halloween by rereading...
October 26 2011

Ghosts, Spirits, and Haunts....Oh, My!

When you think Halloween, you automatically think ghosts. Or at least I do. Nothing gets me more in the Halloween mood than a few good scary books and movies featuring ghosts. Ghosts are thought...
October 3 2011

Boy Meets Dead Girl: The Awesomeness of Anna Dressed in Blood

Back in August, a pretty amazing book came out. That book was Anna Dressed in Blood and you should be reading it right now.   There have been few books that I have really obsessed over, don’t...
March 24 2011

Do Childhood Reads Hold Up?: Revisiting The Sherwood Ring

I was talking to an old friend about books, and she asked, do you think your favorites from childhood would still hold up if you reread them? I thought about one of my favorite books of all time, and...