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September 28 2016

Game of Love: Video Games that Are Essentially Romance Novels, Part 3

Love, Gamified, Part 1 | Love, Gamified, Part 2 Welcome to the final part of my perhaps unnecessarily long series of articles on video games that might be interesting to people who like romance....
September 21 2016

Game the System: Video Games that Are Essentially Romance Novels, Part 2

Love, Gamified, Part 1 | Love, Gamified, Part 3 In my last article, I made some recommendations for videogames that I thought might appeal to a romance reading audience. The first batch of...
September 14 2016

Love, Gamified: Video Games That Are Essentially Romance Novels, Part 1

In a brand new series of posts, Alexis Hall (author of Looking for Group) will be giving us nerds an introduction to all things gaming. What could make it even better? Well... for us, if the games...
December 10 2014

All About the Geek, No Floppy: Computer Prodigies in Romance from Moon, Yates, and More!

Computer geniuses are a minority in the romance genre. This seldom-explored hero is not one who immediately comes to mind when thinking of the typical Alpha romance character; heroes are less Sheldon...
April 6 2013

I Don’t Need a Hero: The Kick-Ass Heroines of Gaming

Recently, game writer Ann Lemay wrote about how creating engaging female characters really shouldn't be an issue in regards to video games. (Her argument was covered pretty well by Jezebel.) As...
March 18 2013

H&H Off-Hours #2: These are Our Obsessions, Part 3

The hour grows late and the list of our obsessions grows short. Last week we discussed how Jen Proffitt had recently discovered the joys and pains of Damen/Elena in The Vampire Diaries. Before...
January 3 2013

Playing with a Joystick: Bioware, Mass Effect, and the Romance of Video Games

I've been thinking about this article for a very long time. Whether or not my fan-boyish squeeing would fall upon ears that just don't understand. Then something wonderful happened. In my Bromance...
December 21 2012

The Mainstreaming of Female Geek Culture in 2012

It started with the release of Lauren Willig’s Garden Intrigue, an amazing book that switched back and forth between historical and contemporary—perhaps the very last place to find a Star...