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January 21 2012

Androids Have Delicious Despair Moments, Too: Alpha by Catherine Asaro

The Heroine: Alpha, a gorgeous, deadly android The Hero: General Thomas Wharington, a stalwart military leader Type of romance: May-December (Beware of ***SPOILERS***) In a near-future world...
March 15 2011

Hunger Games Casting Buzz: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Is there anything* that sets the heart racing—whether in hope, terror, or outrage—faster than the news that a movie version of a favorite book is in the works? Magnify this in intensity...
March 3 2011

Nobody Told Me Battlestar Galactica Was a Romance

I love love stories. My favorite part of any book, TV, movie, musical, play or other form of media, is always the romance. I swoon for soulmates; I rejoice at happy endings. That being said, you’d...
February 23 2011

YA at Heart: More Picks for Adult Readers

Any reader interested in YA has probably already made his or her way through at least one of the holy triumvirate of adult crossover series by now, and maybe all of them: Harry Potter (where it began,...
February 16 2011

When Historical Romance Readers Go Rogue (or Robb), Pt. 2

Cheryl, You asked about secondary characters in your last letter; I think the depth of the secondary characters is one of the things that has allowed J. D. Robb to continue this series as long...
February 15 2011

When Historical Romance Readers Go Rogue (or Robb), Pt. 1

Dear Cheryl, When you sent me Naked in Death and told me to read it, I was stunned.  We had both been reading solely historical romance for years and eschewed anything that was remotely...