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October 17 2014

Because Nothing Says Love Like a Makeover: Top 10 Pygmalion-Style Romances

First performed a century ago this very year, George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion has long captured the public fancy. The tale of ragamuffin flower seller Eliza Doolittle learning to better herself...
February 22 2013

Heroes in Disguise: Lying Liars and the Romance Novel Heroines Who Love Them

I blame Shakespeare. Oh, the idea certainly predated him—Ancient Mythology, for example, is thoroughly populated with gods who disguise themselves as everything from some woman’s husband...
September 4 2012

Bookshelf Babes and Hardcover Heroes: Favorite Librarians in Romance

It is not the easiest thing to suspend disbelief when a romance deals with an aspect of your life that you have intimate, day-to-day knowledge about. I know more than one lawyer who simply cannot read...
October 4 2011

Favorite Category Romances Spanning Three Decades: Seidel, Roberts, Korbel, and Others!

I’ve read category romances since Harlequin had a single imprint and writers such as Essie Summers, Mary Burchell, and Sara Seale topped my list of favorite authors. I can remember how exciting it...
July 13 2011

Harlequin Historical Reissues: Hitting the Motherlode

OMG! While waiting an hour and a half for Rihanna to perform Friday night at the American Airlines Center (we thought we were getting Cee Lo Green too, but he’s a diva and cancelled half the tour,...
June 14 2011

Most Hardcore Geek Heroines in Romance Novels

There’s a lot of ways to be a geek. In fiction, it’s easy to pick the one way that doesn’t work: Slap a pair of dorky glasses on a girl and call it a day. It takes more than a pair of Roy Orbison...