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July 13 2016

How to Organize Your Kindle: Collections, The Cloud, and GoodReads are Your Friend

  Source: A. Aleksandravicius/Shuterstock Do you make mental listicles for your books? Do you organize or categorize them physically, digitally,...
March 10 2015

Romance News Roundup: Eloisa James Deal & Shannon Stacey’s Boston Fire Series

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now. —Deal Alert #1: Eloisa James's Much...
December 5 2014

The App Doesn’t Fall Far from the E-Reader: Reading Apps to Love and Use

Last time, we talked about devices you could use to read. This time, we're tackling reading apps. While a computer (PC or Mac) isn’t ideal for reading on, it’s an unbeatable tool...
November 20 2014

Literary Devices: Different Types of E-Readers

First, what is an e-reader? When you stop to think about it, there are so many ways you can read an ebook, both in terms of devices and platforms. Devices are the “things” you read on,...
October 22 2013

Reading All Through the Night: October 2013’s Digital Reissues

October offers quite a variety of digital reissues. For lovers of historical romance, a classic from Connie Brockway, one of the subgenre’s masters, becomes available, along with her debut novel....
September 10 2013

Do You Remember?: September 2013’s Digital Reissues

This month I bring you a variety of ebook reissues in terms of genre and age (the earliest was first published in 2000). First up is the next in Keri Arthur’s Nikki & Michael series, which...
August 9 2013

August 2013 New Reissues in Digital: Krentz, Gardner, Johansen, and More!

Those of you looking to enter a digital way back machine will be happy this month. A couple of very early releases from Jayne Ann Krentz under her Stephanie James pseudonym are being reissued, as is...
July 13 2013

Poll: How Do You Prepare for Reading on Vacation?

Summer is the time of blockbusters, beaches, hot weather, and, most importantly, vacation! We've asked you in the past if you bring a physical book for you along with your e-reader when you fly...
July 9 2013

Heating Up in July’s Digital Reissues

If you’re like me, in years passed you probably packed a suitcase filled with books to read on your summer vacation. That’s no longer necessary now that ebooks are so prevalent, so many...
May 20 2013

Short, Delicious, and Oh-So-Sweet: Favorite Historical Novellas

My love affair with the novella began when as an undergrad I discovered I much preferred “Bartleby the Scrivener” to Moby Dick and “The Dead” to Ulysses. Part of the attraction...
May 12 2013

Find it Yourself: Finding DIY Authors

Did you know that Christy Reece recently released a new book in her Last Chance Rescue series, titled Chances Are? I’m a fan of this series and have read all of the Last Chance Rescue books, but...
April 8 2013

Spring Marches into E-Books: Newly Digitized Titles for Your E-Reader

As the number of those of us reading digitally continues to grow, more and more backlist titles are becoming available in e-book form. Grand Central, for instance, recently began to digitally publish...
March 15 2013

Book Quests: Adding to Your Digital Shelves

My husband calls them quests. My quest to build a digital library as a replacement for my actual library started five years ago, when I received my first Kindle for Mother's Day. At the time we...
December 15 2012

Chrismahanukwanzakah Is Coming to Town: Which E-Reader is Best for You?

With the holidays coming up, many of us are trying to decide on what type of e-reader or tablet to put on our wish lists. More options than ever are available, but here’s the catch: There’s...