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January 7 2016

Despair, Delight, and... A Yellow Dog?: Patricia Gaffney’s To Have and To Hold

Suave, cynical, and too handsome for his own good, Sebastian Verlaine never expects to become a magistrate judging the petty crimes of his tenants and neighbors. Nor can the new Viscount D’Aubrey...
December 21 2015

Romance News: Least Favorite Things to Most Favorite TV Shows!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.** {Did you know you can sign up to receive...
August 6 2015

So Delicious, So Despairing: When J.C. Daniels Ripped My Heart Out in Night Blade

Emotional and physical abuse often lead to feelings of worthlessness, insecurity, and despair. Today’s delicious despair comes from Kit Colbana, the protagonist in J.C. Daniels dark and gritty...
June 17 2015

Love From Switzerland: The Heartwrenching Goodbye in Jojo Moyes’s Me Before You

Warning: This post contains spoilers of Jojo Moyes's Me Before You, including the heartwrenching ending that will make ALL the tissues necessary! As soon as the premise of the book is known,...
June 17 2015

Love From Switzerland: The Heartwrenching Goodbye in Jojo Moyes’s Me Before You

Warning: This post contains spoilers of Jojo Moyes's Me Before You, including the heartwrenching ending that will make ALL the tissues necessary! As soon as the premise of the book is known,...
May 19 2015

What’s the Hardest Thing You’ve Ever Had to Read or Watch?

This weekend brought some of the hardest moments to watch in television—what with THAT scene in Outlander 1x15, or THAT OTHER scene in Game of Thrones 5x06.  For readers of Diana...
September 23 2014

The "And you? Will he forgive you?” Scene in Bec McMaster’s Forged by Desire

**Note: This post contains minor spoilers for the book Forged by Desire by Bec McMaster. Read with caution! ** Bec McMaster knows how to write angst. When your world is built fundamentally on everyone...
August 7 2014

The “Jimmy, That’s Love” Scene in Kylie Scott’s Lead

**Spoiler Alert! This post contains spoilers about Book 3 in Kylie Scott's Stage Dive series, Lead. Read with've been warned!** In Kylie Scott’s Lead, the heroine Lena...
Kate Nagy
August 4 2014

Delicious Despair: A Talent for Agony in Kristen Callihan’s Shadowdance

Alert: The Spoiler Express, bound for Spoilertown, is now boarding! Seriously, I’m about to give away a pretty significant plot twist. Read on at your own risk. In Kristen Callihan’s...
July 30 2014

The “I Won’t Promise I’ll Ever Be Perfect” Scene from Skye Jordan’s Ricochet

Rachel and Ryker’s firecracker chemistry is the basis for the romance in Ricochet by Skye Jordan. Ryker, a bomb specialist stationed in Afghanistan, needs to have direction and a purpose....
June 13 2014

The “When Cupid’s Arrow Strikes...It Hurts” Scene From Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dance With The Devil

Insecurity and feelings of unworthiness can lead to a healthy dose of despair in any storyline, and we see the proof of this in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters series. The entire premise of the...
March 10 2014

The “I Can’t Fix You” Moment in Donna Alward’s Her Rancher Rescuer

There is a moment in every woman’s life where she comes to the realization that no matter how much she loves, how much she pours her soul into a relationship, no matter how hard she may try, she...
February 11 2014

The “Fighting Takes the Edge Off” Scene in Michelle Willingham’s To Tempt A Viking

There is nothing quite as tragic as unrequited love; when one person yearns for another and circumstances invariably end up keeping them apart. In Michelle Willingham’s recent Forbidden Vikings...
January 30 2014

First Look: Grace Burrowes’s The MacGregor’s Lady (February 4, 2014)

Grace Burrowes The MacGregor’s Lady Sourcebooks Casablanca / February 4, 2014 / $7.99 print & digital The last thing Asher MacGregor, newly titled Earl of Balfour, wants is a society...
December 11 2013

The Impregnable Fortress Scene in Mary Balogh’s A Christmas Promise

In Mary Balogh's A Christmas Promise, recently re-released as an e-book, the hero and heroine are blinded by both pride and prejudice, in that most iconic of romance conflicts. Eleanor Transome...
November 27 2013

The “Get the Hell Out of My World” Scene from Sarah MacLean’s No Good Duke Goes Unpunished

Opening up Sarah MacLean's No Good Duke Goes Unpunished, I was fully prepared to dislike the heroine, Mara. After all, she implicates our hero, Temple, in a murder (her own) and ruins his life....
October 28 2013

The “I’m Not Innocent” Scene from Jeannie Lin’s The Sword Dancer

My one hope whenever I pick up a romance novel to read is that the author will give me a moment of truth in the story, that moment when you know exactly what these fictional people are feeling, going...
September 13 2013

Love Healed and Lover Redeemed in Eloisa James’s When Beauty Tamed the Beast

Eloisa James's When Beauty Tamed the Beast is in my Personal Top 10 Romance List for many reasons, the least of which are that I’m left feeling like I know these characters, have felt their...
August 2 2013

Bottomless Sorrow in Patricia Gaffney’s Forever and Ever

**This post contains SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS.** The final book in Patricia Gaffney’s Victorian-set Wyckerley trilogy, Forever and Ever, brings together a radical from a poor Cornish mining...
August 7 2012

The “I Only See You” Scene in Jeannie Lin’s My Fair Concubine

When I settle in to read a romance I always hope for two things: 1) that I’ll enjoy the story and 2) that the author will rip my guts out. I love emotional angst. I love moments of delicious despair...
June 7 2012

The PTSD Breakdown Scene in Kathleen Korbel’s A Soldier’s Heart

Kathleen Korbel’s A Soldier’s Heart: Over 20 years earlier, in a war-torn foreign land, an unnamed nurse had struggled valiantly to pull Tony Riordan away from the brink of death. She’d...
May 19 2012

The “I Don’t Want an Apology” Scene in Jo Goodman’s A Place Called Home

****Note: This post contains SPOILERS!**** A Place Called Home is the first contemporary I’ve read by author Jo Goodman, whose historical romances, both Westerns and otherwise, I have enjoyed....
February 22 2012

The Mortal Anguish in Mary Jo Putney’s One Perfect Rose

One of the first romance novels I ever read was Mary Jo Putney’s One Perfect Rose.  The hero, Stephen, is a duke.  When the novel opens he’s just discovered that he’s dying from an unusual...
January 21 2012

Androids Have Delicious Despair Moments, Too: Alpha by Catherine Asaro

The Heroine: Alpha, a gorgeous, deadly android The Hero: General Thomas Wharington, a stalwart military leader Type of romance: May-December (Beware of ***SPOILERS***) In a near-future world...
November 14 2011

The “You Make Me Forget” Scene in Susan Wiggs’s The Firebrand

I have long embraced the fact that I am not a very attentive romance reader. While some readers can remember whole passages of their favorite books, I cannot seem to muster up the brain cells to remember...
November 10 2011

The “I Need Her” Scene in Kris Kennedy’s The Irish Warrior

As much as I love historical romance, medievals are pretty low on my personal food chain. I have been known to go years without reading a story set during that time period. But in the last several years...
September 23 2011

The Duke of Hawkecliffe is a Douchebag: The Angst of Gaelen Foley’s The Duke

When reading romance, I never doubt for a moment that the hero and heroine will end up together—it wouldn’t be a romance if they didn’t. No matter how emotionally invested I become in a story,...
June 2 2011

The “Memory of Her Hair” Scene in Barbara Samuel’s Night of Fire

Basilio, Count Montevarchi, scholar and poet, is the most Romantic hero I’ve ever read. I’m talking Romantic with a capital “R:” extravagant emotion, an emphasis on honor and truth, idealism,...