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April 13 2016

Mileage May Vary: Cheating in Romance

There are times in stories where protagonists make questionable choices, even hurtful decisions, against those they love. Whether in a moment of pique or trapped in their own pain, these actions...
July 30 2012

Feel the Burn: Top 5 Sizzling Scenes from Leigh, Mynx, Dane, and More!

When you read a steamy romance, sometimes you come across a scene that just hits all the marks. It’s got the perfect meeting of romance, desire, and pure emotion. It’s that scene that encompasses...
June 22 2012

You’re So Anal!: Best Back Door Lovin’ in Romance Novels

Anal sex isn’t a new concept, but it’s still remains in the forbidden realm in romance novels. Categorized under BDSM, it’s not shocking when your favorite hero or heroine whip...
May 17 2012

Too Much of the Same: Why M/M (and F/F) Romance Doesn’t Float My Boat

Readers of erotic romance, it seems, like to read about men getting it on. With each other. A decade ago, more women than men tuned in to watch Queer as Folk, Showtime’s hour-long sexually explicit...
April 20 2012

Boys in Illinois: Cameron Dane’s M/M Finding Home

We’re reading our way across America…one romance at a time. ILLINOIS: Finding Home (Quinn Security, Book 1) by Cameron Dane I have no real explanation for how this is my very first M/M (Male/Male)...