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May 10 2016

Bully to Hero—Can the Modern Reader “Buy” It?

Two years ago we ran an article about a trend among romance novels that placed former, reformed, and sometimes current, bullies as heroes. This is a trend not at all dissimilar to the “villain...
January 8 2014

With Sticks and Stones, Can Romance Bloom?: Bullying in Romance

Most little girls are told at some point that if a boy is picking on her, that means he likes her. But what happens when bullying goes from juvenile to adolescence to adulthood? A few new releases are...
October 10 2013

Young Women, Slut-Shaming, and Writing the Happy Ending

Author Jen Frederick's Unspoken tells the events following a night where a young college student makes a mistake—and has to pay for it with her reputation in the ensuing weeks and months....