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June 6 2017

Every J.R. Ward Fan Should Be Reading Ruby Dixon

Blue aliens, you say? My dear friend, romance reader and writer, Alexis Daria, sends me a screen shot of text from her Kindle, with mad giggly faces all around it: Do you know what kinds of...
April 28 2017

J.R. Ward Teases Novo and Peyton’s Story in Blood Fury

There's one thing as good as J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood men and that's their trainees! It feels like we get a double dose of BDB badassery these days with the Black Dagger...
April 8 2017

“Assail & Sola Are Going to Rock Your World!” in J.R. Ward’s The Thief

Black Dagger Brotherhood creator J.R. Ward has announced the title of the next installment of the popular paranormal series—The Thief—and also revealed the identity of the 2018 book's...
April 4 2017

J.R. Ward’s The Chosen Discussion Thread (BEWARE: MAJOR SPOILERS)

Here you have it: It's FINALLY HERE! We took to Twitter and found some of the most epic reactions to all of the events in J.R. Ward’s The Chosen (Black Dagger Brotherhood...
November 20 2016

Its The Final Countdown to the Goodreads Choice Awards Best in Romance 2016

It’s that time of the year again. Time for readers, bloggers, authors….everyone to pick their favorite books in the annual Goodreads Choice Award. Every year Goodreads picks the top...
November 1 2016

Pronunciation Dictionary for J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood

Have you ever picked up an urban fantasy novel with its own world building and stared helplessly at the words in front of you before you futilely try to sound out the names of the characters or...
September 16 2016

Heroines Who Find Their Power: From Jane Eyre to Game of Thrones’s Sansa

Some romantic heroines kick ass from the get-go and that's that. They may have moments of vulnerability, but their essential badassery is never in question. Think Claire from Outlander, for...
September 14 2016

When Your Favorite Ship Sinks: Friends Forever (Gosh Darn It)

Editor's Note: This post contains spoilers for fans who are not caught up on (or have never read) Once Upon a Time (especially FrankenWolf shippers), Little Women, Avengers: Age of Ultron,...
September 14 2016

Black Dagger Brotherhood Speculation: Will Selena Return?

Will Selena be reincarnated? Editor's Note: This post contains spoilers for J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood include for the books, The Shadows and The Beast.  Back in...
July 30 2016

Breaking News: J.R. Ward’s The Devil’s Cut Is Next in The Bourbon Kings Series

J.R. Ward's Next Bourbon Kings Novel Is... What better way to celebrate the release of a new Bourbon Kings novel than with scoop on the future of the series from author J.R. Ward? At an...
April 9 2016

J.R. Ward’s Next Black Dagger Brotherhood Book: XCor/Layla’s The Chosen!

J.R. Ward announced the stars and title of her fifteenth Black Dagger Brotherhood book: Xcor and Layla's story, The Chosen! Watch her share the news about the spring 2017 release. Speaking at...
December 29 2015

Get Your Read On: Top 10 Posts of 2015

  Source: Thanks to you, our lovely readers, H&H is happy to send 2015 off with a bang! You helped us binge-watch...
October 9 2015

J.R. Ward Shares Excerpt from The Beast

Moments ago J.R. Ward shared a snippet of The Beast on her Facebook page. While the book is still months away—slotted for an April 2016 release—this excerpt is just enough to whet our...
July 16 2015

Cover Alert: J.R. Ward Reveals the Cover for Next Black Dagger Brotherhood, The Beast

Earlier today on her Facebook page, J.R. Ward revealed the cover for the 14th book in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, The Beast. For now, we still only know that it will feature Rhage and...
June 16 2015

Binge ReadingListening: 12 Audiobook Series Worth a Listen

Time.  Time is the enemy of every dedicated reader.  There is never enough time to read all the books by our favorite authors and then add in those recommended to us by friends or the...
April 4 2015

J.R. Ward Announces Next Black Dagger Brotherhood Novel: The Beast!

Today at her annual readers event in Cincinnati, Ohio, J.R. Ward announced the next book in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, set for a spring 2016 release: The Beast! More information as we...
March 31 2015

J.R. Ward’s The Shadows SPOILER Thread (Major Spoilers!!)

Here you have it: It's FINALLY HERE! A complete play-by-play of all of the events in J.R. Ward’s The Shadows (Black Dagger Brotherhood #13), out today. This post is made up ENTIRELY of SPOILERS...
March 31 2015

First Look: J.R. Ward’s The Shadows (March 31, 2015)

J.R. Ward The Shadows (Black Dagger Brotherhood #13) Penguin / March 31, 2015 / $27.95 print, $14.99 digital Two brothers bound by more than blood fight to change a brutal destiny in...
March 29 2015

All the Good Shivers: Paranormal Romance Best Bets for March 2015

Welcome to the paranormal best bets for March! The weather is getting a little warmer, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to crawl into bed with a book creature that will give you the...
Nichole Severn
March 23 2015

In Pursuit of Perfection: Qualities of the Perfect Romance Hero from Ward, Weber, and More!

Today we're thrilled to welcome Nichole Severn to Heroes and Heartbreakers, whose latest release, Her Fallen Protector, came out last month. In Her Fallen Protector, former archangel has to jump...
March 18 2015

Cover Alert: J.R. Ward Reveals Cover for Blood Kiss!

Last month, we shared the news that J.R. Ward would be launching a spin-off series to her popular Black Dagger Brotherhood books, Black Dagger Legacy. The first book in the series, Blood Kiss comes...
February 12 2015

The Reluctant Re-Reader: Returning to the Dark Lover Side

I spend too much time on Twitter. More than my day job would like, I’m sure. I see so many of my Tweeps talking about being in a reading slump and going back to a comfort read. Huh? A comfort...
February 10 2015

J.R. Ward Announces Blood Kiss, First Book in the Black Dagger Legacy Series

Moments ago, on a Goodreads question thread, J.R. Ward announced she is returning the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, embarking on a the Black Dagger Legacy series, “where...
November 26 2014

Why Do We Love Dirty Talking in Romance?

Today we're thrilled to have author Laura Kaye joining us at Heroes and Heartbreakers. Laura's latest in her Hard Ink series, Hard to Come By, is just out, and has a hero—Derek DiMarzio—with...
November 13 2014

Heroines Discovering Their Inner Alpha from Sarah MacLean and J.R. Ward

Today we're delighted to welcome author A.E. Jones to Heroes and Heartbreakers. A.E.'s Shifter Wars comes out next week, and has a strong heroine who has to stay strong in order to solve another...
October 1 2014

Fish Out of (Historical and Fantasy) Water

All of us have been the odd man out at some point in time. Whether it is the memory of our first day of kindergarten, or the first day at a new job, we can all relate to that weird mix of exhilaration...
July 4 2014

Cover Alert: J.R. Ward’s The Shadows!

J.R. Ward loves the Fourth of July, and what better way to celebrate the holiday than with a cover reveal! As we found out back in April, The Shadows will feature brothers iAm and Trez, along with the...
April 10 2014

What Might Emerge from J.R. Ward’s The Shadows? A Speculation Post

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for J.R. Ward's The King as well as major speculation about and potential spoilers for next year's The Shadows. Read at your own risk. Every spring,...
April 6 2014

J.R. Ward Reveals Next Black Dagger Brotherhood Book: The Shadows!

Note: This post may contain SPOILERS for The King. Read at your own risk. At an event yesterday in Cincinnati to celebrate the release of The King, J.R. Ward announced the title of her next Black...
April 1 2014

J.R. Ward’s The King Spoiler Thread

At last! Today is the day that J.R. Ward's The King is released, the twelfth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and a return to Beth and Wrath's romance, which was begun so long ago...