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November 3 2017

Auctions—Getting More Than You Bargained For

Today we're thrilled to welcome Andrew Grey (Auction Action) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Everyday events can greatly influence a writer's work, and that's no exception for Andrew's...
January 13 2017

What Authors Would You Want to Co-Write Together?

We all have our favorite authors, and it can be a unique thrill when we see them pair up together to write something—in fact, the combo can be pretty epic.  What authors would you...
October 19 2016

What Will Make You Return to an Author?

It happens to everyone. You love an author and their books... but you've grown apart. You're just... different people now. But then one day, you think you'll pick up their book just...
July 18 2016

What’s the Book that Took You “Too Long” to Read?

We all have it! The book or author that has been sitting on your to-be-read pile, languishing while you read other books. Finally, you make time for it... And it's the Best. Book. Ever. And...
August 5 2015

What’s Your Favorite Euphemism?

Let's face it. Romance novels are full of euphemisms. Out of context they maybe...sometimes...make us roll our eyes—but we love them anyway! What have been some of your favorite or most...
May 29 2015

What’s the Funniest Dedication You’ve Ever Read?

Dedications are the chance for the author to call out a person or group that really made their book possible. Personally, I love reading them and seeing who the author thanks—I read the acknowledgements,...
May 4 2015

What Would You Ask Your Favorite Author?

H&H recently kicked off a special author spotlight exclusively for our newsletter subscribers (Not on the list? Sign up here!). It's a chance for us to sit down with all our favorite authors...
February 19 2014

Writers’ Reality Show: Did She or Didn’t She?

Today we're joined by Megan Mulry, whose next release, Bound to be a Groom, details a complicated relationship among four people, two men and two women. It's set in 1808, and is “a series...
February 11 2011

Author Anecdote: Carolyn Jewel Remembers

When I was in my twenties, I lived in Berkeley, California and worked in downtown Oakland. I made frequent visits to the Holmes Bookstore in Oakland, which, happily for me, was only a few blocks...