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July 25 2016

New J.D. Robb & Anne Rice Sneak Peeks Ahoy!: Romance News

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance. {Did you know you can sign up to receive Afternoon Tea as an e-mail? Sign up to have your daily cuppa delivered...
Nicola R. White
April 20 2016

First, Find a Hot Vampire: 5 Easy Ways to Save Paranormal Romance

As shown in this awesome infographic from author Kiersten Fay, paranormal romance has been around for a long time—at least since the 1700s! Since then, horror and romance have been blended...
April 13 2016

27 Best Romance Novels—Your Ultimate TBR Pile

Choosing only twenty-seven books for this epic post was painful, but cuts had to be made! Below, LucyH and TanyaLK tackle the impossible and give a very opinionated opinion of the twenty-seven...
October 13 2015

Until Death Do Us Part: 7 Must-Read Novels for the Halloween Lover

Halloween is my absolute favorite time of the year. If I could have pumpkins outside my house and fake bats hanging from my ceiling all year round, I would definitely do it. But since I can’t...
July 27 2015

Romance News Roundup: Alma Katsu and Anne Rice Deals!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now. —Deal Alert #1: Each book in Alma Katsu's...
April 18 2015

Return to the Kingdom: 20 Years of Anne Rice’s Beauty Series

For many readers (and their mothers), Anne Rice’s Beauty trilogy was their first foray into the world of erotic romance. Writing under the pseudonym of A.N. Roquelaure, the trilogy comprised of...
March 25 2015

April 2015 Romance Novel New Releases Shopping List

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in April. We’ve divided them up by week to make it easier for you to find the newest releases....
July 3 2014

I Melt with You: Top 10 ’80s Romances

Ah, the '80s! A decade of big hair, Miami Vice, MTV, Duran Duran, shoulders padded out to there, and an explosion of over-the-top, lush, blooming romances that came to be known as bodice rippers. That...
July 9 2013

Heating Up in July’s Digital Reissues

If you’re like me, in years passed you probably packed a suitcase filled with books to read on your summer vacation. That’s no longer necessary now that ebooks are so prevalent, so many...
May 21 2013

Witch Will You Choose?: What to Read and Watch If You Like the Witches of Lost Girl

Towards the end of season three, Gabrielle Miller (an actress well known in Canada) guest starred on Lost Girl as the ringleader for a small coven of witches. She had enough power to cause a bit of...
May 20 2013

You Never Forget Your First Time: Erotica Authors Recall Their First Hot Reads

Are erotica authors born, or made? After a lifetime of reading sex-drenched novels, I finally took the plunge two years ago and published one of my own. Now, five steamy (and occasionally raunchy) “Logan...
December 13 2012

Scorching Stocking Stuffers: The Essential Erotic Novel Gift List

Have you been naughty, or nice? If the answer is nice, then it’s time to remedy that with something dirtier than a lump of coal in your stocking this Christmas: my essential erotic novel gift...
November 15 2012

An Undying Love: Top 10 Vampire Film Romances

With the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 so tantalizingly close, my thoughts naturally turn to vampires. These fearsome creatures of the night and their varying degrees of sexiness...
November 2 2012

Jane Eyre Laid Bare: A Sexual Exposé

Many authors have taken inspiration for their books from classics. The inspiration can range from using a name or a setting, to using entire scenarios from the originals, albeit written in a different...
October 26 2012

Friday Beefcake: First Vampire Loves

Earlier this week, we asked who your first vampire loves were—lots of people weighed in with Spike and Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Louis and Lestat from Interview with a Vampire, so...
January 12 2012

Fairy Tales in Erotic Romance

I grew up on fairy tales: Cinderella finding her Prince Charming; Sleeping Beauty being awakened with a kiss; Little Red Riding Hood learning the real reason you should never talk to strangers. With...
June 16 2011

Top 10 (Paranormal Romance) Videos to Spike up Your Viewing

You’ve no doubt noticed music is an integral part of paranormal and urban fantasy heroes and heroines; the Black Dagger Brotherhood has its hip-hop, Laurell K. Hamilton says Tori Amos is “very important...
March 31 2011

Ladies Do Not Prefer Blonds (as Romance Heroes)

There aren’t many blond romance heroes. Of course, blond is a rare hair color—1-2% worldwide—but in the U.S. and England, where the majority of contemporary, suspense, and historical...
February 19 2011

Louis & Lestat: Interview with the Vampire’s Supercouple

“You down with OPP (Yeah you know me)/ Who's down with OPP (Every last vampy)” O.P.P. is an acronym penned by the lyrical stylings of Naughty By Nature. In 1991, this...
February 17 2011

Bring on the Bloodlust: Top 5 Vampire Romancers

Who was your first? Your first vamp, I mean. My interest was piqued by the cult classic The Lost Boys. My older sister took me to the movie with her—my first R-rated movie. I was...