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November 13 2014

Before The Flame and the Flower: Romance from Back in the Day

It is a truth pretty much universally acknowledged that the modern romance genre as we know it came into its own with the publication of The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss in 1972. The market...
April 11 2013

Romantic Fantasy from Elliott, McCaffrey, Wells, and More!

I came to romance as an adult reader, and realized that what attracted me were things I had always sought out in my other genre reading, whether fantasy, science fiction, or mystery: interesting characters...
November 24 2012

Anne McCaffrey’s Mark of Merlin

Science fiction author Anne McCaffrey also wrote romances early in her publishing career. Her recent death inspired me to revisit those works, which I had originally encountered in the mid-1980s. One...
October 8 2012

Author Tina Connolly on Fantasy in Romance

Today, H&H welcomes author Tina Connolly to the site. Tina's new book, Ironskin, is a fey/steampunk twist on Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Ironskin's Edward Rochart is just as autocratic...
July 19 2012

SF/F as the Gateway Drug to Romance Novels: McCaffrey, Carey, Lackey, Feehan and More!

Every summer my parents would pack up the family to set off on a family vacation. Each of these trips were preceded by several magical hours spent in the local Waldenbooks acquiring paperbacks to keep...
July 14 2012

Top 5 Hot Sex Scenes in SF/F

Everyone loves a good sex scene—right? The challenge was made to select the top 5 hot sex scenes in a variety of genres. I chose SF/F, and as you might imagine, it was tricky settling on five memorable...
November 18 2011

Forbidden Crush: Masterharper Robinton from Anne McCaffrey’s Pern Series

I was in seventh grade when I first read the Pern books by Anne McCaffrey—there weren’t as many then as there are now! The Pern books are science fiction, but read like fantasy. The stories take...
June 4 2011

Stitch in Snow by Anne McCaffrey: A Forgotten Classic

In seventh grade, a friend lent me her copy of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonsong. That book turned me into an instant fan, and over the rest of middle school and high school, and into college, I managed...