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September 25 2014

10 Urban Fantasy Series You Should Read (An Opinionated Opinion)

Have you fallen for an urban fantasy series and want more? We’re here to help. These ten book series epitomize things we love about urban fantasy. They may have influenced the subgenre or...
July 27 2013

Poll: What Male POV Would You Like to Read?

Stacia Kane's Terrible-POV novella, Wrong Ways Down, finally has a release date (August 6!). It's always a worry when we see a point of view in a story that we haven't seen before that it...
May 16 2013

More Than a Wolfman: Our Ever-Changing Shapeshifters

Once upon a time, there was a Big Bad Wolf. He ate grandma, remember? Terrorized poor old Red right out of her hood? Then he got all smexied up, became either a were or a shapeshifter (because they’re...
October 31 2012

Halloween Costuming: Dress Like an Urban Fantasy Chick for Halloween

This blog was supposed to be about how all our favorite kick-ass urban fantasy heroines wear skintight black leather while still managing to wield heavy weaponry, outrun demons, and avoid unsightly...
August 30 2012

Is Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake the First Urban Fantasy Hero?

More years ago than I want to admit (okay, it was eighteen) my friend Meg thrust a trio of paperback books at me. “You have to read these,” she said. “They’re about vampires.” The...
February 22 2012

All They’re Cracked Up To Be: Series Crack

Many of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series readers joke that the books are like crack (or “crahck,” if you’re  spelling BDB style), so we went to Twitter and asked...
October 17 2011

Open Letter to Kick-Ass Heroines: I Don’t Want Your Life

I love strong heroines. Whether it’s romance or urban fantasy, if the main character can’t hold her own, we’re not friends. Generally, they’re people I identify with or want to be more like....
August 17 2011

Sometimes I Want to Slap Her: Anita Blake, Merit, Rachel Morgan, Kitty Norville, and Sookie Stackhouse

I am all for strong heroines, but sometimes I wish I could reach through the pages of my book and slap the shit out of a character. I have a few, which I am sure all of us do. Here are my top five: Anita...
August 11 2011

Bite Me, Baby: Top 5 (+1!) Vampire Lovers

Powerful men are sexy. Men fighting for control are sexy. Dark and mysterious, yep, sexy again. Now add fangs, super speed and centuries of practice, and you know why vampires consistently...
June 16 2011

Top 10 (Paranormal Romance) Videos to Spike up Your Viewing

You’ve no doubt noticed music is an integral part of paranormal and urban fantasy heroes and heroines; the Black Dagger Brotherhood has its hip-hop, Laurell K. Hamilton says Tori Amos is “very important...
June 6 2011

Making the List: Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake and Her Numerous Bed Partners

Natasha says: We all know Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake has been around the block a few times; okay, who are we kidding...she’s been on the block and hasn’t moved. We’ve complied a list...
June 2 2011

Fresh Meat: Laurell K. Hamilton’s Hit List (June 7, 2011)

Laurell K. Hamilton’s Hit List starts with Anita back to her roots as a US Marshal (Paranormal Division) out on a hunt with Edward. Someone is brutally killing were-tigers all across the country....
May 26 2011

No Longer a Guilty Pleasure: Why I Don’t Read Laurell K. Hamilton

“In fact, so much of the description is repeated, I think she has a macro for a lot of stuff. Like hit F3 every time you say 'Nathaniel' and 'violet eyes floor length auburn hair dancer...
May 25 2011

I Still Read Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake Series—Got a Problem with That?

Hi, my name is Natasha and I still faithfully read the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. I’m not embarrassed to admit it. Is it really that small a club? Or am I one of the few...
February 13 2011

To Die For: Gifts For Your Vampire Lover

Whether it's Valentine's Day or any other gift-giving time, what kind of gift would you give to someone who is basically immortal?! You think buying a gift for your mother is hard, try...
February 12 2011

Never Too Much?: When To Stop Paranormal Series

There are so many Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy series we readers can’t seem to get enough of. We rush to the stores on release day; then we rock back-and-forth until the next release....