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August 1 2013

Immortally Ever After: Exclusive Excerpt

Angie Fox
The hard-won cease-fire between the battling immortals doesn’t last long. In the blink of an eye, human surgeon Dr. Petra Robichaud is back on the frontlines, and starring in yet another...
June 5 2013

My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding: Exclusive Excerpt

Angie Fox
Lizzie Brown is about to have the destination wedding of her dreams. But as this former preschool teacher knows, being a demon slayer makes everything more complicated. The vengeful Earl of Hell is...
February 10 2013

Immortally Embraced: New Excerpt

Angie Fox
Even during a truce, Dr. Petra Robichaud has her hands full as the M*A*S*H surgeon to an army of warring gods—especially when Medusa herself turns up pregnant. Petra has no idea what to expect...
August 6 2012

Immortally Yours: New Excerpt

Angie Fox
IN THE WAR BETWEEN THE GODS…  No one patches up the incoming wounded like Dr. Petra Robichaud. Recruited by the gods for her uncanny medical skills, she’s the best M*A*S*H surgeon in the...