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June 3 2013

Author Amanda Hocking on Shipping Downton Abbey’s Mary/Branson

Today we're pleased to welcome author Amanda Hocking here to talk about her wishes for the fourth season of Downton Abbey. The third book in Amanda's Watersong series, Tidal, releases this week,...
July 24 2012

Author Amanda Hocking on Why Batman Makes the Best Superhero Boyfriend

Back in May, we posed the question “Which Superhero Would Make the Best Boyfriend.” And author Amanda Hocking—whose Wake, first in the all-new Watersong series, comes out in August—tweeted...
July 19 2012

Exclusive Poster Reveal for Amanda Hocking’s Wake!

The already stunning cover for Amanda Hocking’s upcoming novel Wake (seriously, you’ll have to see this cover in person—the computer screen cannot do it justice) just got even MORE exciting—check...
December 23 2011

Exiled from Faery: YA Authors Rework Fairy Tales

When I was a teenager, my life was boring—with a capital “B.” School was a drag. I didn’t have a boyfriend. I couldn’t drive. I had no money. So I read. I read for the romance and the danger....
December 16 2011

YA News Roundup: Hunger Games, Switched, and More!

It certainly is great to be a YA fan these days; so much exciting news has been posted online in the past couple days that the only way to cover it was with a roundup post. Here are a few things that...
December 6 2011

Now Win This: Amanda Hocking and Julie Cross

Sorry, this sweepstakes has ended. Check our Sweepstakes page for more offers!                 Click...
November 9 2011

Amanda Hocking’s Wake Cover Reveal

Self-publishing phenom Amanda Hocking recently unveiled the (gorgeous) cover for Wake, the first book in her new YA paranormal romance series Watersong, on her blog. Not many details are available yet,...