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August 13 2014

Byronic Baby Daddy: Three Reasons I Adore Mr. Rochester

Today we're joined by author Lia Riley, whose Upside Down is just out this month. Upside Down's hero isn't perfect, and he has his own issues to work through before—perhaps—finding...
August 8 2014

Alpha-holes vs. Alpha-gents

Recently, I tackled the subject of TSTL heroines vs. kick-ass heroines, and it yielded a lively debate on what readers consider stupid, what readers consider badass, and the span between. Alpha-holes...
August 6 2014

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know: The Best Alpha Males in Romance

Today we're joined by author C.L. Wilson, whose The Winter King has just been released. The Winter King is a high fantasy romance, featuring a fierce hero who—though he is the Winter...
May 30 2014

Friday Beefcake: Hair Apparent with Jackman, Holt, and More!

Where have all the bearded cover models gone? Or what about the epic question: do you dare to go bare...down there? These are questions we love to ponder at H&H, and so we're going to honor...
May 14 2014

Don’t Doubt My Love: Whitney Gracia Williams’s Reasonable Doubt

**Warning: this post contains spoilers on Whitney Gracia Williams's Reasonable Doubt, Volume 1. Proceed with caution!** Have you ever gotten to a point with an author where you’re cyber-stalking...
May 8 2014

Reader Male: To Alpha or Not to Alpha?

Today we're pleased to have author Julie Ann Walker at Heroes and Heartbreakers. Julie Ann is no stranger to alpha males, since she's the author of the Black Knights, Inc. series, with heroes...
April 18 2014

For Love of an Alpha: The 6 Types of Alpha Heroes

Jackie Ashenden, author of the just-released Billionaire's Club story The Billionaire Biker, is our latest guest on the blog. If you couldn't tell from her wickedly sexy books, she's a big...
April 16 2014

Shifting the Scene: Falling in Love with Paranormal Romance

H&H is pleased to welcome A.C. Arthur, whose paranormal New Adult e-book trilogy Shadow Shifters: Damaged Hearts kicked off with Mine to Claim last week. A.C. writes sexy shapeshifter romances because...
March 13 2014

Bite Me, Baby: Why Are There Love Bites in Paranormal Romance?

Today we welcome author Jessie Lane to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Jessie's new release, Walk on the Wild Side, is the latest in her Big Bad Bite series, so of course she's here to talk about...
February 21 2014

Safe Words to Read: Five Books to Read After E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey

We’ve talked quite a bit about Fifty Shades of Grey and its sequels here at Heroes & Heartbreakers. We’re now getting tastes of the upcoming film, and it’s fueling a need...
February 20 2014

Seducing, One Punch at a Time: Gina L. Maxwell’s Fighting for Love Series

I was born to have a boy. When I was pregnant sixteen years ago I thought, “I hope I have a girl,” because I’d been a girl for 25 years. How did I know what to do with a boy? But...
December 6 2013

Exclusive Cover Reveal!: Tall, Dark & Alpha Anthology

Today we're thrilled to reveal the cover for the über-alpha anthology, Tall, Dark & Alpha, featuring 10 authors who love alphas as much as their heroines do. Here's the blurb: He...
November 13 2013

Falling Prey to Linda Howard’s Montana

We’re reading our way across America…one romance at a time. Montana: Prey by Linda Howard This 41st state to join the Union is something of a mystery to me. Oh sure, it’s...
October 29 2013

Legion of Alpha Jerks: Can Every Hero Be Redeemed?

The alpha jerk appeals to many women because we instinctively love a challenge—can we be the one that thaws the block of ice that surrounds his heart? Will he let go of his issues and let us heal...
August 21 2013

First Look: Kit Rocha’s Beyond Pain (August 26, 2013)

Kit Rocha Beyond Pain (Beyond #3) August 26, 2013 / $4.99 digital / $16 print A woman with no future… Live fast, die young–anything else is a fantasy for Six. She’s...
June 5 2013

Tell Me What to Do: Top 5 Bossiest Romance Heroes

Alpha heroes in romance novels have major appeal to readers. They are often overprotective, in total control and as a result, bossy. It is their way or the highway. One doesn’t have to look hard...
March 14 2013

Men are from Mars: The Art of Writing Misogynists

Back in the 1980s, novels like Judith McNaught’s historicals ranked at the top of the charts. They had intrigue, they had excitement, they had heroines in gorgeous (albeit historically-suspect)...
February 4 2013

Prior to Living On Dublin Street: Samantha Young’s Other Writing

Samantha Young is a 26-year-old Scottish writer whose self-published contemporary romance On Dublin Street recently became a bestseller, with the announcement of the follow-up, Down London Road, generating...
January 22 2013

Don’t Make Me Slap You!: When Erotica Crosses the Line

I love erotica. I think I have made that pretty clear to everyone. I enjoy reading about it in all forms. M/M, M/F, and sometimes M/F/M. Erotica is nothing more than extremely sexually visual romance....
January 3 2013

Playing with a Joystick: Bioware, Mass Effect, and the Romance of Video Games

I've been thinking about this article for a very long time. Whether or not my fan-boyish squeeing would fall upon ears that just don't understand. Then something wonderful happened. In my Bromance...
December 15 2012

Poll: What’s the Quality You Most Admire in a Hero?

There's nothing like cozying up to the fire with your favorite book, but what makes you love the hero? Is it his brains, his brawn, or something else? Let us know! Free Blog Poll
December 12 2012

Sifting for Gold: Bad Guys We Love

After a year and a half of recapping Once Upon a Time for Heroes and Heartbreakers, I find that the real attraction for me isn't the love story of Snow White and Prince Charming. Instead, the reason...
December 3 2012

Hell is Not For Children: Julie Ann Walker’s Hell On Wheels

So, two things happened when I read the prologue to Julie Ann Walker’s Hell on Wheels. First, I guessed the secret that was tormenting Nate—our stoic hero. Walker telegraphed that punch...
December 2 2012

Criminal Heroes from Cole, Kane, Stuart and More!

Everyone loves a good hero, but what about the bad hero? The anti-hero? The criminal hero? A hero who not only walks the dark side, but enjoys the journey. According to Wikipedia, an anti-hero is a...
November 25 2012

Lora Leigh’s Hot Short Stories

One of the most enduring tropes in romance is when an Alpha male is brought to his knees (often literally!) by a sexy female. And when the Alpha male is a member, either past or present, of a military...
November 22 2012

Thanksgiving Beefcake: A Manly Menu

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of the holiday, we've compiled the manliest menu we could dream up. Like any holiday dinner, this one was a family affair so we threw out the question to our bloggers,...
November 20 2012

First Look: Sara Fawkes’s Anything He Wants (November 27, 2012)

Sara Fawkes Anything He Wants St. Martin's Griffin / November 27, 2012 / $14.99 print, $9.99 digital Lucy Delacourt's temp position isn't quite her dream job but it...
November 17 2012

Poll: Sexiest Man Alive?

It seems like we've been drooling over Channing Tatum all year as we prepped for Magic Mike (and then when Team H&H took a field trip to see it!). Between his work as a male stripper and...
November 14 2012

Dark ’n’ Gritty Heroes Times Two: Putting the M/M in “Mmmm”

The phrase “double feature” is usually applied to films. You know, like when drive-in theaters used to show two movies together like Them! and I Married a Monster from Outer Space (Well,...
November 10 2012

Poll: Men in Power

It's easy to appreciate a man in power no matter where he is, but with Election Day just having come and gone, we're especially in the spirit. So, will the man in uniform reign supreme...