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All short stories and book excerpts published on Heroes and Heartbreakers, including original and reprinted material.

Nancy Naigle
Laurel Ann Nattress
Elisabeth Naughton
October 10 2012
Robyn Neeley
Susan Mac Nicol
Nancy Northcott
November 2 2012
Alyson Noël
April 11 2012
Caragh M. O'Brien
September 10 2012
Lorie O'Clare
March 22 2013
March 22 2012
November 24 2012
September 21 2011
Jane O'Reilly
Sally O'Reilly
Victoria De La O
Sally Orr
Alicia Hunter Pace
Laurelin Paige
Kristen Painter
September 7 2011
Diana Palmer
Francine Pascal
Madhuri Pavamani
Mary E. Pearson
Kate Perry
October 19 2012
December 20 2012
Lisa Marie Perry
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Lisa Plumley
Kristen Proby
Mary Jo Putney
Violetta Rand
Kimberly Raye
Sarah Rayner
Eliza Redgold
Penny Reid
Tiffany Reisz
Mary Ann Rivers
April 21 2014
A. D. Robertson
Gina Robinson
Farrah Rochon
Rainbow Rowell
Marie Rutkoski
Marie Rutkowski
Amy Kathleen Ryan
June 24 2012
Kendall Ryan
Kennedy Ryan
Kennedy Ryan
Dawn Ryder
Leopold von Sacher-Mosch
Xen Sanders
Nola Sarina
Christina Saunders
Susan Schneider
Sam Schooler
Shannyn Schroeder
M.J. Scott
Lisa Scottoline
March 30 2012
March 9 2011
Chris Scully
Kate SeRine
Marie Sexton
Colleen Shannon
Kate Sherwood
Joanna Shupe
Eve Sinclair
Michele Sinclair
Nikki Sloane
Stefanie Sloane
November 4 2012
Haywood Smith
September 12 2011
Heather Snow
Tracy Solheim
Jill Sorenson
Rowan Speedwell
Ann Redisch Stampler
Sabine Starr
Sarah Jane Stratford
Anne Stuart
Shelle Sumners
October 26 2012