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Santino Hassell Excerpt: Citywide

Santino Hassell

Citywide by Santino Hassell

A collection of standalone stories....

A record-breaking heat wave engulfs the Five Boroughs, and emotions run as hot as the temperatures.

In REROUTED, Chris Mendez is trying to live a drama-free life. That doesn't include another threesome with Jace and Aiden Fairbairn. But then a citywide blackout leaves them trapped together, and Chris is forced to re-examine everything he thought he knew about relationships and his own heart.

In GRIDLOCKED, former Marine Tonya Maldonado is keeping real estate heiress Meredith Stone on permanent ignore. Mere isn't Tonya's type. Not even close. Who cares if she kisses like a dream and has the filthiest mouth this side of the East River? But then a security detail at a summer party ends with her saving Mere's life and discovering they have more chemistry than she'd ever imagined.

In DERAILED, Stephanie Quinones escapes the heat and her complicated love life by going on a company retreat. Trouble is, it's a couples' retreat, and she lied about having a boyfriend. Unfortunately, the only person willing to play pretend is her on-again/off-again fling, Angel León. They're currently “off again,” but after a week in the woods, Stephanie realizes she wouldn't mind them being permanently on.

Get a sneak peek at Santino Hassell's Citywide (available November 13, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

 “I’m not gonna lie and say I haven’t been thinking about moving on,” I admitted, nudging the iPad away. “I want to move out of Jamaica, and I want a new car, and I need more money for down payments and new furniture. It’s just that . . .”

Aiden raised an eyebrow, waiting, and kept waiting even when Jace slipped into the room to stand beside him. He’d already stripped down to his underwear and bare feet, although he was still wearing his threadbare T-shirt. After winding his thin arms around Aiden’s muscular torso, he peered at me with a devilish grin.

“What are we talking about?”

“Your old man wants me to get my head out of my ass and get a job making bigger bucks,” I said, slouching back in Travis’s chair. I didn’t miss the way Jace’s eyes dropped to my crotch, where he could undoubtedly see the outline of my meat beneath my basketball shorts. “But, y’know, money isn’t everything. I like where I work now.”

“What if you found somewhere else you liked?” Jace asked, running his fingers along Aiden’s front. “With people you like?”

“Heh. Where is this magical place?”

“Here,” he said brightly.

I waited for him to explain himself, or for Aiden to tell him it wasn’t possible, but they both gave me the expectant look of people who had discussed this before.

“Yo . . .”

Aiden held up his hands, already catching my hesitance with that one syllable. “It was Caleb who mentioned it, sweetheart. Swear to God.”

The part of me that easily rankled, that had been raised by parents who didn’t like handouts or favors, unbristled. Caleb suggesting it was . . . different. And interesting. He was the most by-the-book person I’d ever met.

“Why would he mention that?”

“Because you’re awesome?” Jace detached from Aiden and sauntered over to me. His way of walking almost always caught my attention. He had the type of swagger I was used to seeing on guys around my block, but I didn’t typically want to fuck the hell out of them. “He was impressed with the detailed feedback you gave on the app during the beta. He also brought it up when they started looking for staff.”

“Then why didn’t anyone ever tell me?” I asked as Jace stood between my spread thighs. With him half-naked in front of me, I forgot all about the fact that I’d just told myself to keep the sex at bay, and put my hands on his hips. “This is the first I’m hearing.”

“Aiden thinks you’d say no.”


“Because you know how much we want you, and he thought you’d think it was his way of trying to lure you into our wicked poly trap on a regular basis,” Jace said bluntly. He took a step forward, making sure his legs nudged against my bulge. “Which, I totally am, but he’s more ethical.”

As my hands found their ways to his hips and slid down his round, firm ass, my thoughts on ethics, open relationships, and hurt feelings fell away one letter at a time. Who could think that deeply when Jace was staring at me like he was daring me to jump him. He arched an eyebrow, and I jerked him against me on reflex as my tongue darted out to swipe over my lower lip.

“If he’s the ethical one, then what are you?” I asked, sliding the tips of my fingers beneath the band of his underwear. Behind him, I noticed Aiden watching us with rapt fascination. His green eyes had dilated as I manhandled his husband in front of him. “The horny one?”

“The one who wants to be spread open on this desk so you and Aiden can take turns on me,” he said sweetly.

If I had only one way to describe Jace, it would be as a living, breathing temptation. When he looked at me with those flashing eyes and that fuckable mouth, there were no parts of me possessing the self-control to not get up from the seat and move in closer. The remaining letters that had tried to form rational thoughts about standing my ground in the face of fae-looking dudes and their linebacker husbands faded as I stood, pushed him onto the desk with my hands knotted in his long hair, and angled his mouth for a kiss.

He parted his lips with a sigh, pressing his palms down on the glass and arching up to me. I loved the way he offered himself, how he closed his eyes and raised his brows, how he lost himself to the hungry swipes of my tongue, because every time we touched, I went from cautious to desperate for more.

More touching, so I stood between his thighs and ground my hardening dick against his crotch. More of his sexy voice, so I went from tasting the inside of his mouth to tilting his head back so I could suck on his throat to the tune of throaty moans. And more of our missing puzzle piece, so I shot a glance up at Aiden, who was already squeezing himself through his shorts.

It’d been exactly two and a half months since I’d last had both their hands on me, and right now I was more than willing to trade a moment of that heaven for a future broken heart. Sometimes you just needed to feel alive even if it killed you later. 


Copyright © 2017 by Santino Hassell.
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Santino Hassell was raised by a conservative family but grew up to be a smart-mouthed, school cutting grunge kid, a transient twenty-something, and eventually transformed into a grumpy introvert and unlikely romance author with an affinity for baseball caps. His novels are heavily influenced by the gritty, urban landscape of New York City, and his desire to write relationships fueled by intensity and passion.

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