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Eliza Daly Excerpt: ’Til Death Do Us Part

Eliza Daly

'Til Death Do Us Part by Eliza Daly

Life and death matters take on a whole new twist when a quirky funeral planner tries her hand at matchmaking for a prominent playboy.

Six months ago, Cassidy Baldwin was among Milwaukee’s leading wedding planners, until she became the scapegoat for a corporate scandal. Now the only job she can land is organizing over-the-top themed funerals for her best friend’s family business.

Then the city’s most affluent and eccentric philanthropist dies, and Cassidy is hired to fulfill the woman’s deathbed wish: find a wife for her playboy nephew, Ryan Mitchell.

Ryan’s always avoided the spotlight, and he’s not thrilled by the media attention spawned by this final decree. If he doesn’t marry within the year, however, his aunt’s quirky staff will lose their home and livelihood. So he wants Cassidy to find him a Ms. Right Now that he can ultimately divorce, but she’s determined to find him a true soul mate since the right match could launch a new matchmaking career for her. Too bad she seems to understand him better than any of the potential brides she’s found.

Is it worth risking a real chance at love to arrange a fake wedding?

Get a sneak peek at Eliza Daly's 'Til Death Do Us Part (available October 16, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

“All right sausages, take your marks. Ready ... set ... GO!” the announcer yelled, echoing through the baseball stadium.

With the blare of the bugle call “Charge!” the four Racing Sausages were off, wobbling down the third base line toward the Brewers’ home plate.

“Go, Hot Dog; go, Hot Dog,” Cassidy chanted, cheering on the celebrity sausage.

Ryan stood, feeling like a kid again. “Go, Hot Dog!”

Appearing surprised by his outburst, she smiled at him, then continued cheering.

This was the best game he’d ever been to, and the Brewers were losing. Even though he was sitting among forty thousand fans, nobody recognized him. It helped that the group surrounding them were Cubs fans. He was holding his own with them discussing the Cubs. And watching the sausage race from five rows back was incredible. Money couldn’t buy dreams like this. Thanks to Cassidy, it didn’t have to.  

“Woohoo, come on, Hot Dog!” Cassidy jumped up and down, losing her balance. She stumbled into him, and he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close and breaking her fall. Her body molded against his, and she slowly gazed up at him. Damn mirrored sunglasses. He couldn’t see her eyes to tell what she was she thinking. Did she think he felt as good as he thought she did? Shit. He’d sworn after the benefit he’d never get this close to her again.

“Sorry,” she muttered, straightening. “Guess I got carried away.”

“Not a problem.” He reluctantly released her. She turned her attention back to the race.

The sausages bumped into each other, spun around, and ran in the wrong direction before finally coming around home plate and across the finish line.

“Hot Dog’s the winner!” Cassidy squealed, jumping up and down. He prayed for her to lose her balance again and fall into him, but she didn’t.

Hot Dog wobbled over to the stands. Two guys stripped the costume off the man and handed him a microphone. He peered into the stands and his voice echoed through the stadium. “I can be a real wienie sometimes, but will you marry me, Lynn?”

The stadium organ played “The Wedding March” as a woman ran down the stairs past them, tears pouring down her cheeks. The couple kissed. The crowd cheered.

Cassidy turned to him. “Oh my gosh, how romantic was that?”

“Being proposed to by a hot dog?” He sounded like she was nuts, yet he had to agree, it was kind of romantic.

“There’s an idea for your engagement.”

“I don’t think so.”

She slipped her glasses up on her head, revealing her green eyes. “Why not? It involves baseball, your one true love.”

God, her eyes were gorgeous.

“So why not?”

Why not what? Oh yeah ... “Ah, because, I guarantee I’m not dressing up like a piece of meat.”

Although Cassidy’s reaction over this proposal made him think dressing up like the sausage in the vintage Brewers uniform wouldn’t be half bad to be able to have her look all dreamy-eyed at him. Suddenly, she had him feeling sappy, like some hopeless romantic, which he certainly wasn’t. Maybe it was a combination of too many malt beverages and the sun glaring down on him. Wiping the perspiration from his forehead, he sat down.

Cassidy dropped down next to him. “So, that race is in place of halftime?”

“You still can’t believe baseball doesn’t have a halftime, can you?”

“I could have sworn it did.”

“It doesn’t.”

She was completely clueless when it came to America’s favorite pastime, and she ducked at every fly ball, just like his mother when she used to help him practice. Cassidy seemed genuinely eager to learn. He liked teaching her, and the fact that she readily admitted she knew nothing about the game. Serena had been able to rattle off the Brewers’ lineup and stats from memory. Once again, she’d done her research. 

Oddly, the less he and Cassidy seemed to have in common, the more he was attracted to her.

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When Eliza Daly isn’t traveling for her job as an event planner or tracing her ancestry roots through Ireland, she’s at home working on her next novel, bouncing ideas off her husband, Mark, and her cats Quigley, Frankie, and Sammy.

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