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Elizabeth Silver, Jenny Urban Excerpt: In His Majesty’s Service

Elizabeth Silver and Jenny Urban

Everyone in the Drion Collective knows that finding your match—the one person in existence with the same soul mark as yours—is the best thing that could ever happen. But the last thing Lord Anders Hawthorne is thinking about when he boards a ship to Drion for the king’s funeral is finding his soul mate.

Captain Zachary O’Connell has the perfect life—his ship, the stars, and no emotional entanglements. When heat sparks between him and Lord Hawthorne, Zach gleefully dives into a no-strings arrangement. He doesn't expect it to last beyond arrival at Drion, any more than he expects trouble along the way.

Trouble quickly finds them, however, and it soon becomes clear that Lord Hawthorne is not only not who he says he is, but also that he's the target of a deadly plot. With danger all around them, Zach and Anders must work together to save the Collective. Meanwhile, Zach must come to grips with losing everything he always thought he wanted, to have the one thing he never dreamed he needed.

Get a sneak peek at Elizabeth Silver, Jenny Urban's In His Majesty's Service (available September 11, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Anders woke gradually, aware first that his arm was asleep, and second that this was because it was pinned by a trim but muscular body beneath him on the bed. No, not a bed: the couch in Zach’s quarters. With that observation came all the memories of the night before, and Anders bit back a groan as he buried his face against Zach’s bare shoulder. Dimly, Anders remembered them struggling out of their clothes at some point in the night, and now they were wearing nothing more than their undershorts.

Jackson was going to have his head when he found out. Not only had Zach not been cleared for this kind of interaction with Anders’s royal person, but Anders no longer had the luxury of indulging in casual sexual encounters like normal people. Several years ago, when his responsibilities had been little more than a vague notion on a distant horizon, Anders had been able to get away with falling into bed with the odd stranger. But now, with his obligations to the crown coming to bear at full force, Anders was obliged to admit that his sex life was far from his own business any more.

Still. As a distraction from what Anders had lost as well as what he was facing, Zach was probably the best Anders could have hoped for. There would be time enough for facing reality once they reached Drion, but in the meantime, Anders couldn’t help but wonder if Zach would be interested in that promised repeat performance right away—this time without the Glorianna Fire Wine.

Zach shifted under Anders, stiffening briefly before relaxing into the sofa and running a hand down Anders’s back. “Hey,” he rasped. “You awake?”

“I am.” Anders kissed Zach’s shoulder, a lazy press of lips. “Just drafting a letter to the Navy, insisting they provide their captains with bigger beds.”

“Trust me, I have a big bed.” Zach laughed softly. “Would you like to see it?”

Anders chuckled. “I’m pretty sure that’s a line, Captain.”

“You have a filthy mind, my lord.” Zach’s hand drifted down over Anders’s ass.

“You have no idea.” Anders grinned and lifted his head enough to kiss Zach properly.

Zach kissed Anders again, then again, pulling him into a harder embrace, tangling their legs together. “C’mon then,” he murmured against Anders’s lips, “let’s go look at it.”

“In a minute.” Anders surrendered himself to Zach’s kisses, enjoying himself far too much to consider stopping. And judging by the way Zach was firming up against his hip, Anders was willing to bet he wasn’t the only one. “Just another minute.”

A sharp knock sounded at the door, startling them both as the door intercom buzzed. “My lord,” Bern said through the speaker. “The crew will be changing shifts soon, and the halls will be quite busy. Now would be the best time to retire to the correct quarters.”

Zach’s arms tightened reflexively, then relaxed. He lifted his arm to check his wrist unit. “He’s right, unless you want to be seen wearing the same clothes you wore last night. And at least some of the crew will notice; it’s not often we have royalty on board.”

Anders sighed. “I know.” Still, he couldn’t help admiring the flex of Zach’s arm, the firm muscles of his chest, the way his torso narrowed down in a perfect vee—a black mark on Zach’s torso, just under his left nipple, caught Anders’s eye, and he froze in recognition. It can’t be.

“My lord?” Bern’s voice was a bit louder, and as far from amused as he had ever been.

“Yes,” Anders said, his voice not nearly as steady as he wanted it to be. “Give me a moment, please.”

Careful not to elbow or knee Zach anywhere tender, Anders climbed up and off the sofa with as much grace as he could muster. Their clothes were in a heap on the floor, and Anders fumbled with them for a moment, trying to buy time to get his act together.

“We need to do this again,” Zach said, rustling behind Anders as he rose, before his hand reached in to help separate their clothes. His voice was amused as he added, “You still owe me a blowjob.”

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Elizabeth Silver is a writer, a tarot reader, a Level Two Cat Lady, and an internet junkie. Her day job is terribly dull, her hobbies oddly specific and quirky, and her husband the most patient person a writer could ask for.

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