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Quinn Anderson Excerpt: Action

Quinn Anderson

Action by Quinn Anderson

Pete Griflow is the last person anyone would suspect of being a porn star. He’s quiet, gawky, and can’t even talk to guys without turning red. But on camera, he’s a different person. In the porn world, he’s Jaden Prime, a coquettish power bottom who’s been tantalizing fans for over a year now.

Pete is in a rut, though, and he knows it. And what’s worse, his boss knows it. If he can’t reignite his passion for the biz, he’s going to have trouble paying his none-too-cheap college tuition.

When Pete is given the opportunity to star in a huge summer production, sparks fly between him and his costar, Kyle Darko. Kyle is Pete’s opposite: he’s daring, achingly sexy, and in love with the sex industry. Their chemistry is palpable on and off screen, but dating on a porn set is tricky. Even pros struggle to separate fantasy from reality, especially with a script dictating their seduction. But what’s building between them can’t be ignored, and it’s so much more than getting some “action.”

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Pete hurried toward the house, fighting the desire to break into a jog. He let himself in the front door just like before. He couldn’t tell if he was more or less nervous this time around. On one hand, he knew where he was going and what he’d find when he got there. On the other, if he bombed this, Colette would lose all faith in him, he’d be humiliated in front of Kyle, and he’d jeopardize a starring role in a major production.

So, really, no pressure.

The sound of shutter clicks led him once more in the direction of the living room. He took a deep breath and focused on putting one foot in front of the other. He’d gotten this role on his own merit, he reminded himself. This was his chance to show both Colette and Kyle that they’d chosen the right man.

When he’d woken up that morning, he’d stretched, practiced sexy faces in his bathroom mirror, and even masturbated, something he seldom did before a gig. He was loose, limber, and prepared. And above all else, he had something to prove.

He could do this.

He rounded the corner before the living room and skidded to a comical stop.

Kyle was lounging on the sofa, completely and gloriously naked, while a photographer fluttered around him, snapping photos. Pete froze, eyes wide open. Christ. He’s . . . beautiful.

Oh God, he couldn’t do this.

Though Pete tried to stop them, his eyes snapped right between Kyle’s legs. Not naked, Pete realized, both relieved and profoundly disappointed. Kyle was wearing the tiniest pair of underwear in the entire world. The black fabric—no more than a strip of cloth, really—was slung low on his hips, and he had one thumb hooked in the waistband, tugging it down even lower. He was shirtless and possibly oiled; his skin gleamed in the sunlight pouring through the windows. From his messy hair to his curled toes, he looked delicious.

Pete’s face turned atomically red. He looked away and ordered himself to calm down. What was wrong with him lately? Granted, walking onto porn sets was always a little awkward, and he didn’t think he’d ever get completelyused to seeing strangers naked—or having sex with them for that matter—but this was ridiculous. He was a professional. It was time to start acting like one.

Steeling himself, he looked back at Kyle. He was precisely where Pete had left him, supine on the sofa like a sunbathing jungle cat. Only now, he was watching Pete.

Pete’s mouth went dry, but he didn’t look away. As if sensing his determination, Kyle’s lips twitched up at the corners. He lifted a hand to his hair, flexing his biceps. His fingers ran carefully through his mussed locks, and then he dragged them down his chest. Arching his back into his own touch, he smirked at Pete, and the message was as clear as if he’d spoken aloud: I’m pretending it’s you touching me right now.

Pete’s cock twitched in his jeans. The photographer was snapping a photo a second, but Kyle wasn’t paying the slightest bit of attention to him. He smiled lazily at Pete and quirked an eyebrow, as if daring him to do something about it.

Pete knew a challenge when he saw one, and was determined to win this particular exchange. He let his eyes drift down Kyle’s body, drinking in the sight of him. Out of his periphery, he could see Kyle tracking the path of his gaze. He made a point of lingering between his legs, sizing up the considerable bulge that lay there. Then he locked eyes with Kyle and slowly licked his lips.

The strangled noise that escaped from Kyle made the whole standoff worth it, in Pete’s opinion.

Colette appeared at his side. “Having fun?”

His attention didn’t waver from Kyle. “You could say that.”

“As entertaining as it is watching you two, we should get started. Ready?”

Pete’s whole body screamed yes in response. “Ready.”

“Good.” Colette signaled to the photographer, making a cutting motion by her neck. He retreated, and Yolanda set up in the vacated space. Colette directed her attention to Kyle next, pointing toward the dining room. “Get dressed. Your clothes are in the bedroom.”

Kyle slid to his feet and exited in the direction Colette had indicated. He didn’t so much as glance at Pete as he slipped through the doorway and disappeared.

Pete frowned after him. What was with all the mixed signals? Hot and cold didn’t come close. More like nuclear and Siberia.

“Jaden,” Colette said, breaking him from his reverie, “we have wardrobe for you to choose from if you want, but I think what you’re wearing now is perfect.”

Pete looked down at himself. He’d removed his jacket at the door, leaving him in jeans that had obviously not come pre-ripped and a plain blue T-shirt. He wasn’t exactly what he’d call camera-ready. “You don’t think I should dress up a bit?”

“Just trust me on this,” Colette said. “You have that whole boy-next-door thing going on, mostly because you are one. It’s perfect for this scene. You got my script, right?”

“Yeah, and I liked it. Short and sweet, just like porn ought to be. Though if I may toot your horn, I thought it sounded like a real movie. Except for all the raunchy sex, of course.”

She smirked. “You’ve clearly never seen a Jess Franco film, but good. You understand your character?”

“Well, yeah.” Pete ran a hand through his hair and winced when it caught on a tangle. “I kind of am my character: a young, gay college student who’s shy and inexperienced with love. I don’t foresee myself having any issues portraying that. I’m a little confused, though.”

“About what?”

“Why not have me play someone more . . . I don’t know. Cool. Sexy. Like Kyle. I get the whole opposites-attract shtick, and that can be really hot, but I don’t think people are going to want to watch someone like me.”

She waved dismissively. “Have some confidence, kid. Don’t forget, this isn’t just porn. We’re filming a real movie here, with real characters. Our audience is going to identify with you because you’re a regular guy. Plus, the backbone of this film is the way the leading males play off of each other. I haven’t seen you two together yet, but Darko assures me you have the right dynamic. That, more than any amount of acting or wardrobe or writing, is what’s going to make this film sizzle.”

“If you say so.” Pete couldn’t keep insecurity from bleeding into his tone. “I just don’t want to screw this up. I’m used to being Jaden on screen. I’m not sure how to be me.”

“Just relax and let things flow. I’m sure you’re going to be amazing.” 

Copyright © 2017 by Quinn Anderson.
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Quinn Anderson is an alumna of the University of Dublin in Ireland and has a master’s degree in psychology. She wrote her dissertation on sexuality in popular literature and continues to explore evolving themes in erotica in her professional life.

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