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One with You: Exclusive Excerpt

Sylvia Day

One with You (Crossfire Series #5) by Sylvia Day

Gideon Cross. Falling in love with him was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. It happened instantly. Completely. Irrevocably.

Marrying him was a dream come true. Staying married to him is the fight of my life. Love transforms. Ours is both a refuge from the storm and the most violent of tempests. Two damaged souls entwined as one.

We have bared our deepest, ugliest secrets to one another. Gideon is the mirror that reflects all my flaws…and all the beauty I couldn’t see. He has given me everything. Now, I must prove I can be the rock, the shelter for him that he is for me. Together, we could stand against those who work so viciously to come between us.

But our greatest battle may lie within the very vows that give us strength. Committing to love was only the beginning. Fighting for it will either set us free...or break us apart.

Heroes and Heartbreakers is thrilled to present a sneak peek at Sylvia Day's highly anticipated Crossfire finale, One with You (in stores next week, on April 5, 2016). Read an exclusive Gideon and Eva scene now (ahhhhh!!!!), and then sign up for the H&H newsletter to stay up to date on all our Sylvia Day coverage!

“You’re not even going to take a nap?” I watched, astonished, as Gideon shifted through his closet.

He was wearing only boxer briefs, his hair towel-dried after the shower he’d taken the moment we got home. I was on the bed, feeling exhausted and wrung out even though I’d slept on the plane.

“It’ll be a short day,” he said, pulling out a dark gray suit. “I’ll be home early.”

“You’re going to catch a cold if you don’t get enough sleep. I don’t want you sick at our wedding or on our honeymoon.”

He pulled the blue tie I loved off his tie rack. “I’m not going to get sick.”

I looked at the clock on his nightstand. “It’s not even seven! You never go to work this early.”

“I have things to do.” He buttoned his shirt quickly. “Stop nagging me.”

“I am not nagging.”

He shot me an amused look. “Didn’t you get enough of me yesterday?”

“Oh my God. Are you full of yourself or what?”

He sat and tugged on his socks. “Don’t worry, angel. I’ll give you more when I get home.”

“I want to throw something at you right now.”

Gideon was dressed in a flash, yet somehow looked so polished and perfect. That only soured my mood more.

“Stop scowling at me,” he chastised, bending to kiss the top of my head.

“It takes me forever to look as good as you do without trying,” I grumbled. “And you’re wearing my favorite tie.” It brought out the color of his eyes, made sure you didn’t see anything else but him and how gorgeous he was.

He smiled. “I know. When I get home, would you like me to fuck you while wearing it?”

I pictured it and my scowl faded. What would it be like if he just opened his fly and screwed me with one of his power suits on? Totally hot. In more ways than one.

“We sweat too much.” I pouted at the thought. “We’d ruin it.”

“I’ve got a dozen.” He straightened. “You’re staying home today, right?”

“Wait. You’ve got a dozen of those ties?”

“It’s your favorite,” he replied simply, as if that explained everything. Which I supposed it did. “Home, right?” he repeated.

“Yes, my mom will be here in a few hours and I have calls to make.”

He started toward the door. “Take a nap, grumpy angel. Dream about me.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I muttered, hugging a pillow and closing my eyes.

I dreamed of him. Of course.

Copyright © 2016 by Sylvia Day
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Sylvia Day is the #1 New York Times, #1 USA Today, and #1 international bestselling author of over 20 award-winning novels sold in more than 40 countries. She is a #1 bestselling author in 28 countries, with tens of millions of copies of her books in print. Her Crossfire® series has been optioned for television by Lionsgate.

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1. LMB
OMG! I can't wait for this book!
2. Sona Dasgupta
Its like I'm drug addict waiting for my next hit . okay corrections I'm a cross addict scavenging every dose of Gideon I could find. Can't wait to read the whole book ! I'm going crazy here !
3. Madinah
I am ADDICTED.. I've re-read the first 4 and I'm still going to before 5th of April. That's how addicted I am.. I think I need a man like Gideon Cross in my life *sighs*
4. Rebekah Gore
Damn that was hot!!! I can't wait til next week. I preorded my copy months ago. I love this series so much. I'm going to be so crushed that this is the last installment.
5. Kimberly Colbert-Cox
Omg! You are an amazing author! I am so freaking excited! Can't wait for the book release! Thank you for your awesome books! Love them
6. Jenniffer
For me It goes like this:

Book one-????- OH YES!
Book two-???? - YES
Bok three -???????? - OH OH!
Book four-???????????????????? - WTHH?
Book five- ???????? - WILL SEE? Uhmm- MAYBE!

I know everyone is very exited and eager to see what will happened? including me. However, i have to be honest and say that, more than the anticipation to read again about What once was one of my beloved characters, i am more interesting in the closure. The end of this books, this story, the longing, the waiting, to be able for once and for all to know, read, learn, found out the HEA of Gideon and Ava.

In my opinion, I intrinsically believe, that it has been a big fault and mistake from this author, marketing wise. Maybe it is not her fault but the publisher, i dont know the reason why? but leaving an audience hanging for so looong, it is absolutely detrimental.

I have preordered this final book on Audible. After all, Gideon and Ava, they deserve this last act. However, in the future, i will not start a book/story without knowing when are the next installments coming out? How long do i have to wait? How long the gap will be? And i am already doing it, asking the authors on they FB page, twitter,etc. i dont want to like a book so mich that i compromise myself and the wait many years to find out the resolution. I had to reread the previous books to able to remme er what happene and follow up with the story next week. I wouldve dedicated that time to give the chance to other books that are also good, as well.

I hope "One With You" does not disaapoint me. Congratulations to this blog for the exclusivity, but this excerpt does not leave me with much to desire. SORRY!
7. Michelle Munivez
Hurry up April and get here!
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