Feb 16 2014 12:00pm

Every Part of You Resists Me: Exclusive Sneak Peek

Megan Hart

Every Part of You: Resists Me by Megan Hart

The dance has begun. Simone’s ready to follow all her desires, but reluctant Elliott isn’t ready to take the lead.

After teasing Elliott into going dancing with her, Simone seduces him. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid of asking for it, and Elliott appears to be as eager as she is to see where their passion takes them. The sex is electric, but Elliott is taken aback by his response to her, and when Simone reveals her kink for pain to him, he’s unable to accept it and tells her he doesn’t want to see her again.

And then they’re both invited to the same party.

Get a sneak peek of part 2 of Megan Hart's Every Part of You e-serial with an exclusive scene from Every Part of You: Resists Me (available February 18, 2014).

He hadn't meant to go anywhere with her. Simone had cornered him in the lobby, and what could he say but that he'd been weak. Too long without a woman, too long without release, and Simone had a way about her that Elliott simply could not seem to shake.

Since that first meeting, he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her. The way she moved. The flavor of her mouth. And most of all, the way she reacted to him taking her flesh in his teeth. Pulling her hair. Other women squirmed or cringed, some even scolded or shouted or cried.

Simone had pushed into those hard caresses. Embraced them. There'd been a reason why he dated women who didn't like the dark and secret part of him Elliott tried to keep hidden. It was easier to pretend he didn't want to pinch and bite, to leave his mark on sleek, soft skin. To hear a woman cry out in pain as much as pleasure. It was easier to push all of that aside, to tell himself a life lived without being entirely satisfied was the way it worked for most people.

He hadn't meant to go anywhere with Simone ever again, but he'd let her take him dancing. He hadn't meant to dance with her either, but the years of lessons with Molly had paid off in a way he'd never have anticipated. He and Simone had moved together like she could read his mind, and for that time, those three or five minutes, he'd felt something he hadn't experienced in so long that he wasn't sure he ever had.


So here he was in the living room of Simone's small and cluttered apartment, watching her pour him a glass of whiskey from a bottle she’d taken from what looked like an antique tea cart in the corner. The glass she handed him was equally vintage. Not antique. Just old. He hoped it was clean.

“I should leave,” he told her.

“You don't want to leave.” She tossed the words at him over her shoulder, giving him a sly smile that should've infuriated him but instead worked some sort of magic on his cock. "If you really wanted to leave, you'd never have agreed to come home with me in the first place.”


Copyright © 2014 by Megan Hart.
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Megan Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of many romance and erotica novels, including Switch, Tempted, Deeper and Dirty. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and children.

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1. Tina@Bookcrack
SOLD! I just invested part of my day in a much talked about BDSM book yesterday (that I really wanted to love) that didn't elicit as much interest and enthusiasm from me after reading it in full as your teaser just did. I mean no disrespect to the other much loved author/book. I just mention to illustrate to others here how awesome your books are! Much love for your work. Emotional, gripping and smexy fun!
3. Torifl
I love Hart's work but S/M is a hard read for me.
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