Feb 14 2012 10:00am

Home: A Downside Ghosts Story


HeroesandHeartbreakers.com is proud to present 
Stacia Kane’s Home: A Downside Ghosts Story,
now available at e-book retailers.

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Jennifer Ann Harte
2. Piseog
Love!!!!!! Made my day reading this story. Book 4 can't come out quick enough.
Marina Roumpi
4. Marina_ro
The perfect gift for V-day, the perfect gift for all of Terrible's fans!
Absolutely loved the story, thanks Stacia!
8. hambleton
Don't tell my boyfriend but this is the best V-Day present ever!! I love Terrible and can't wait for the next book, Thank you Stacia.
Tantris Hernandez
10. Miss Bliss
Absolutely fantastic. Stacia nails what it feels like to be an addict. Happiness is hard and scary as shit. True thing.
11. csilibrarian
Wow. This was so incredibly good and it totally made my Valentine's Day!
12. csilibrarian
Wow. This was so incredibly good and it totally made my Valentine's Day!
Melanie Simmons
13. mlsimmons
Thanks to both Heroes and Heartbreakers and Stacia Kane for this great story. I love Chess and Terrible. :)
14. Munchkin
Thanks Stacia, Great Valentine to all readers of Downside.
Wow to see Chess so Happy ! ! !
15. ChelseaMueller
Who thought sex on a bean bag could be sexy? Nicely done, Stacia. Nicely done.
17. engese31
Loved it. I got my Terrible fix. Next month is still soooooooooooooooooooo far away :)
Leah Stephenson
18. RiotGrrlCynic
Wow. This is awesome. It's the first "for pleasure" reading I've been able to do since I started nursing school at the new year, and it was totally worth it. Amazing.

Can't wait for the next book.
maria companion
19. companiondesign
Awesome! Thanks for the story! Luv me some Terrible & Chess. Can't wait for the next book!
Amie Cross
22. Divalicious
I love Terrible so freaking hard! Whatany you want! Whew. Thanks Stacia.
Lindsay Beeson
23. lindsayb
I haven't read any of this series yet, but I'm going to have to bump it up on my "to read" list. Wonderful story!
rachel sternberg
24. rae70
this is the first time i have run across stacia, so another author to add to my tbr list!) though it is kinda hard to read "terribles" lines, i'm sure it will get easier... is this a nick name?
25. gigaquti
Thank you for this little bit to tide me over until the end of next month. Though that still seems so far away. I keep reading the books over and over, and they are still as great as the first time. Can someone speed up time? I can't stand the waiting!!
Debra Delorme
26. whalehugger
First time I've read Stacia's work and definitely enjoyed it. I'll be checking for her other books for my Nook. Great read and thanks for sharing!
Amie Cross
27. Divalicious
To Rae70, Chess and Terrible are from the Downside of Triumph city. She's educated and he's not formally educated, so he speaks with the Donwside slang. Terrible is what we know him as and due to his horrific childhood, I'd be surprised if even he knows his given name. The slang starts to flow after you read for a little while and makes the world Stacia created so authentic. If you give this series a try, You will not be disappointed. Awesome awesome awesome books!!!
Carrie Strickler
28. DyslexicSquirrel
Loved it, as I do all of Stacia's books. Helped with the book withdrawls until March (so close yet so far away!).
Lindsay Beeson
29. lindsayb
I finally finished Unholy Ghosts and just loaded the next two onto my Kobo. What an awesome series! I'm so glad I read this short!
Debra Mowatt
30. harridan
Oh my gosh! I'm laughing so hard at these truly hideous covers!
More, please!
laura silverio
31. laura silverio
I want to read this! Where can I buy it?! Amazon says it's not 'currently available"... what? why? help please :S
Shannon Domarski
32. srd1074
Yeah, how can we get the story? It'd be nice if someone would post on that!
Jaci Joyce
33. Wilder
I joined this site just for the story, but perhaps it's only availible in the USA? Certainly there's no link I can find to read it on this page. I can link to this page via FB but not actually read the story. Maybe I have to be a member for a few days or something?
oh well, something to look forward to!
Megan Frampton
34. MFrampton
The story was up free on the site for a limited time, is now available for sale. Sorry for the confusion!
Jaci Joyce
35. Wilder
no, that clears it up! I'll buy it, so hooked on this series :)
Jaci Joyce
36. Wilder
ouch, how very very frustrating! No matter how I try I can't buy this novella. I get "Pricing information not available." and so can't add it to my shopping cart. I've even downloaded a kindle app to read it. I think it's just not availible in the UK or i'm simply not familiar enough with ebooks to download no matter how many hours I spend trying to buy it.
thanks for your help, I'll just have to wait till it's availible here...
Megan Frampton
37. MFrampton
@Wilder, let me see what we can do. Stacia herself is in the UK, we'll ask about availability.
Jaci Joyce
38. Wilder
you star! thank you, I might send a tweet also, thanks so much for your help!
laura silverio
39. DeniseNZ
Hi. Just wondering if anyone knows how to buy this? I'm getting the same "pricing information not available" message from Amazon. Thanks.
Jaci Joyce
40. Wilder
you can only download it if you live in the USA. I'm really gutted for all of us Stacia Kane fans who can't get it.
This is ridiculous in 2013 people willing to pay for a product and service can't do so.
What gives HerosandHeartbreakers/MacMillian? Are you a business or what?
laura silverio
42. Wilder
OK this may be a stupid newbie question but if I can't buy it from the USA and I live in the UK, who has the European/UK rights, can I not buy it directly from the author?
i went to her site but I can't see it there either.

are you saying you block other countries downloads of a short story ?

Surely you have allied companies??

You can't surely mean that common business practice in publishing is so restrictive. Maybe there are huge costs with allowing a download in other countries and I know the USA is your biggest market but what stops you allowing a market to build in other countries?

Ive recommended this site to lots of friends in Germany UK Ireland and Spain and now I just want to tell them to create their own .what's the point?

between us we've probably downloaded a few thousand pounds through iTunes, amazon which is probably not a lot of money to you but word of mouth is so important in genre fiction like this it's shooting yourself in the foot to restrict it in new markets.

as a qualified translator I can prob find translators who would do this for free.

This is not good customer service.
Megan Frampton
43. MFrampton
@Wilder, we're trying to figure out how to get the story to you--we do have worldwide rights, not just US (Stacia corrected us), but we need to find out who can sell it outside of the US.

We do appreciate your recommendations, and we definitely agree that we don't want to restrict access to great authors like Stacia. Can we contact you via email to let you know what we find? The person who originally took care of these details is no longer here, and we need to do some research.
Christopher Morgan
44. cmorgan
Hi all, the story should now be available world wide, sorry about the confusion. Please let us know at info heroesandheartbreakers com if you continue to have trouble.

Here is the link for Amazon UK
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