Feb 12 2011 4:05pm

Sneak Peek: The King’s Dragon by Carolyn Jewel

We couldn't give you all the good stuff at once!  Okay, maybe a smidge.  Here's a tease of  The King's Dragon, an original story by Carolyn Jewel coming to Heroes and Heartbreakers soon.


The King's Dragon

Parade Grounds, Gaizen Palace, Tallend Province of the Fensic Empire

Magic pressed on Mair’s heart when Dal Atul emerged from the barracks at the far side of the parade grounds. As she watched him, the sensation enfolded her, slid through her, around her, deep and mysterious. The moment of recognition, when it hit, shook her so hard her breath stopped. So hard she couldn’t hear what the others were whispering. Nothing existed except Atul, that old, savage magic, and her conviction that her life had just re-formed itself into a new and terrible shape. . .

Carolyn Jewel lives in Northern California. She writes Romance and bakes a lot except when she is at the day job. You can find her on the web at, on Twitter and on Facebook. You can find her books online and at fine bookstores everywhere.

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4. brandy
Sounds hot even with that REALLY short sneak peak. Cant wait to read more!
Tia Nevitt
5. TiaNevitt
Laura is right--it's only a glance. But an intriguing glance!
6. scepter
Oh my! I guess it's true, it's not the size that matters but how you use it and that is short but sizzling!
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