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The Scandalous Duke Takes a Bride: Exclusive Excerpt

An exclusive excerpt of Chapters 1-3 from Tiffany Clare's The Scandalous Duke Takes a Bride (February 25, 2014) is available on Heroes and Heartbreakers to members. Please log in or register to read the full excerpt.

The Scandalous Duke Takes a Bride by Tiffany Clare

In this dazzling Dangerous Rogues novel from Tiffany Clare, a daring and dangerously handsome duke will do anything for the woman he loves—even if it sparks a scandal, in The Scandalous Duke Takes a Bride.


As a wealthy young widow, Lady Jessica Heyer must endure the closest of scrutiny and most wicked of rumors from society gossips. Their whispers would be utterly unbearable if it weren’t for her oldest friend, the Duke of Alsborough. Jessica knows she can always count on Hayden. What she never could have expected, however, is that he is deeply, madly in love with her…


For years, Hayden has kept his longing for his beautiful friend Jessica a secret. But now that she’s finally free to remarry, will she be willing to take their relationship to a more intimate level? He’ll get his answer soon—at a glittering masquerade, where identities are hidden, hearts are open, and true love is unmasked…in a single, shameless act of passion.

Chapter 1

The rumors this writer has heard about the most sought-after bachelor in all of England. And what wicked things this particular man has committed.… Could you suspend belief if I accused a certain duke of engaging in acts only a commoner would participate in?

Mayfair Chronicles, May 1846

“Hold, Miller.” When the valet dodged around a tall stack of crates on the dock, Hayden, the Duke of Alsborough, had no choice but to punch out the blunt end of his cane to knock the man to the ground. Hayden roughly pulled Miller up the rest of the way.

Dazed but still determined to escape, Miller stood on wobbly legs and threw out a fist that glanced off Hayden’s left shoulder. The feeble hit was ineffective and only angered Hayden further.

He returned the blow, striking the valet square in the face and knocking him back another step. The man teetered to the right before falling like a sack laden with rocks to the cobbled road. He tried to scramble backward on his hands and feet, but his shoulders came up against a wall.

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