Previously in First Grave on the Right

Part 1:

Charley Davidson is the Grim Reaper. She’s also sharp, witty, and has a wicked sense of humor. She lives by herself (if you don’t count the dead people) and works as a private investigator, since Grim Reaping doesn’t pay a lot. Charley gets woken up in the middle of the night because there’s been two homicides, and her uncle Bob—a police detective—wants her help on the case. Charley is an invaluable asset to the police department (Bob knows her secret, even though her own father doesn’t), since she can talk to dead people.
But Bob woke her up in the middle of the most delicious dream, and she’s been having these dreams a lot—some mysterious stranger is coming to her bed and doing all sorts of lovely things to her. And after the most recent encounter, he’d whispered one word—“Dutch.” Only one person has ever called Charley “Dutch.” And that person is out of her life, even if he is in her dreams.
Once at the crime scene, Charley meets and talks to two of the three people who’ve been murdered, and thinks more about the man who called her Dutch, and the few times she’d ever seen him in her life. She talks about the case with a skiptracer, Garrett Swopes, who’s just been clued into Charley’s Grim Reaper profession, and is naturally skeptical.
Charley meets and talks with a whole bunch of dead people and starts investigating the case. And wondering about her mysterious nighttime visitor.

Part 2:

Fleeing to the safety of her home, Charley gathers together the materials for an exorcism—which she says she keeps in her entertainment center, because what's more entertaining than an exorcism.

Cookie—Charley's best friend/neighbor/receptionist—comes busting into Charley's home, however while Charley ducks into the bathroom, she sees a single word written in the mirror: Dutch. Charley calls out for Reyes but to no avail. In the kitchen, Charley talks with Cookie and Cookie's daughter—mostly about Garret's appearance at the crime scene. However, Charley unloads an even bigger reveal to Cookie after her daughter leaves—that Charley has seen Reyes again.

Charley remembers the first (and only other) time she saw Reyes when she was a freshman in high school. While Charley was talking to a recently departed gang member, she sees Reyes being attacked and runs to his rescue, accompanied by her sister, Gemma. After rescuing Reyes, he makes an advance on Charley, cupping her intimately and invading her personal space. Before things go further, he tells her to run and she does, dragging Gemma with her. After relating this story to Cookie, Charley runs to the office where she joins her dad and family for breakfast. Her dad isn't very pleased with Charley's injuries, but he lets it drop in front of Gemma and Denise.

Once Charley gets upstairs, she sees Garrett in the hall, and she yells at him for breaking and entering. Charley talks to one of the ghosts she met yesterday, Elizabeth, but the ghost doesn't know what to tell Charley to pass on to her family because even Elizabeth (until she was dead) wouldn't have believed anything Charley said. Charley offers to write a letter for the ghost to the ghost's family. One of the other ghosts from yesterday ask for the same favor, however while Charley had been talking to Elizabeth and the other ghosts, Garrett has been quizzing Charley to test whether the ghosts are really there and what information she can get from them. Garrett and Elizabeth trick her into revealing that she knows Elizabeth's birthday, and Garrett suddenly looks at Charley like she's psychic. Charley hates that word, and Elizabeth convinces her to tell Garrett what she really is—The Grim Reaper. Garrett is surprised, curious, and impressed and asks more questions of Charley. Charley and Garrett's discussion is suddenly cut short by a black, shadowy figure that swoops into the office, brushes Charley and then leaves. Charley thinks it might be the Big Bad...or it could be Reyes. The shadow begins to take shape and calls her Dutch. Before she can react to that, the shadow (Reyes) kisses Charley. They begin to make out and there's heavy petting. Reminder: only Charley and the ghosts can see this shadow, so imagine how awkward this is... However, as Charley is snapped out of the vision/making out with Reyes, Cookie asks if she was possessed, and if that's what possession looks like, Cookie would like to sign up!

Later, Charley meets up with Uncle Bob to work on the case. Working with the ghosts, Charley and Uncle Bob try to piece together who the shooter was. Barber identifies the photo they find as the man that asked to meet Barber. Charley, Uncle Bob and the ghosts work on the case for a little while longer, but take a break. The ghosts tell Charley that when she was with the shadow, it looked like her soul left her body to be with him. Charley didn't get a good look at the shadow man, but Elizabeth said he was beautiful...and in a prison uniform.

Part 3:

Charley is still freaking out about the fact that the shadow-man—who is very likely Reyes—not only went to prison...but died there. Charley takes a trip to the detention center to find out more about the criminal her lawyer-ghosts were representing. Charley chats with Billy, an inmate who had committed suicide and stuck around the prison to keep others from doing the same. He teases her about “talking to him on the phone,” but Charley shoots back that it's the only way to talk to him without getting herself locked up. Charley visits with Mark Weir, the criminal, and she asks if he knew about the informant meeting with Barber. He has no idea what she's talking about, but it gives him hope—despite the informant now being dead. Charley talks to him about his nephew, and Barber appears to coach her into the right direction. Weir has a lot of hope just by Charley's presence and he asks her if she can really do what they say she can—solve cases no one else can. Charley thinks there might be a connection between the missing nephew and the dead boy found in Weir's backyard.

Once Charley gets back to the office, she asks Cookie to look up the prison registry for anyone named Reyes. Cookie narrows the search and finds a Reyes Farrow who is the right age and fits Charley's description to a T. However, this Reyes is still listed as an inmate—it leads to new hope and confusion that Reyes might not be dead after all. With this knowledge at hand, Charley goes back to work on the lawyer case and tracks down Rocket, who has the ability to tell when someone passes and can tell Charley if Weir's nephew is still alive. Rocket is agitated and tells Charley he has so many names for her of spirits who have passed but haven't moved on yet. Charley stops him and asks him to remember Weir's nephew and the boy found in Weir's backyard. Rocket confirms the death of the boy in the backyard, but has no other information, and much to Charley's relief he says Weir's nephew is still alive. Suddenly, Rocket becomes agitated again saying a boy named Reyes never should have been born and that Charley needs to stay away. Rocket is hurting Charley with his grip on her arm and leaves her with the words: “He won't care.”

Back in her Jeep, Charley is mystified by Rocket's reaction, and confused as to why he knows Reyes's name. It doesn't mean Reyes is dead, necessarily, but Charley has never seen Rocket scared, so she's concerned about the future. She tries to focus back on the Weir/lawyer case and calls the lead detective. He isn't very helpful, so Charley sneaks in the the lawyers' office to look at the Weir case file. Garrett catches here there, and he's angry that she's so blatantly breaking laws. Charley learns that Uncle Bob asked Garrett to look after Charley. Garrett, Charley, and Uncle Bob meet up at a warehouse—Ubie making fun of Charley for her camouflaged get-up and Garrett flirting with Charley. Uncle Bob says Charley can't go in unless she takes Garrett with her, or if she sends in her team (Angel). Since Angel has been MIA, Charley is begrudingly stuck with Garrett. Charley has Garrett give her a boost so she can climb up the warehouse to a skylight. She manages it, but as she notices the warehouse is empty, she is hit from behind and falls through the skylight.

As Charley falls through the skylight, she has a flashback to the day she was born and when she first met Big Bad. She only sees him in the most dire moments of her life—like as she falls through the skylight—but just before she hits the floor she remembered what it whispered to her when she was born: Dutch. As Charley is checked out by the EMTs, Uncle Bob tells her the warehouse if owned by a priest Father Federico Diaz. With the threat of internal bleeding, Charley reluctantly agrees to go to the hospital for X-rays. Cookie picks up Charley, and Charley admits that she saw “him” again, but she's beginning to be confused if the shadow she's seen all her life is death, or maybe Reyes. Back home, Cookie and Charley do some research on Reyes and find an article about his conviction. It turns out that he killed his father, however, Reyes Farrow does not actually exist—there is no record of his birth, nor any documentation showing that he is who he says he is.

Stressing about this new information about Reyes and her recent attack, Charley almost tells Cookie everything about beign a grim reaper, not just seeing dead people, but about the Big Bad, and everything else. However, she decides not to because she knows it will change Cookie forever. Once they talk more though, Cookie convinces Charley to tell her everything—all the languages Charley knows, the Big Bad, Reyes. Cookie takes it all in stride, but wants to know the important things: who was in the shower?

Charley tells her she thinks it was Reyes, and they do more digging about where Reyes is being held. Only to discover that Uncle Bob was the lead detective on the case.

Part 4:

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