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Heroes and Heartbreakers is a community website featuring daily content for serious fans of the romance genre in all of its forms.  Not everyone can understand the desire to argue for thirty minutes about Dain vs. Derek, to challenge the casting for the latest Jane Austen movie, or to debate whether the True Blood love triangle worked better on paper or on TV. 

Heroes and Heartbreakers understands the woot! and the squee! of all of that.  Add in the original short stories and excerpts from upcoming romance novels, and it’s like a romance enthusiast’s paradise (the kind with extremely attractive men bringing you umbrella drinks).

Like our science fiction/fantasy sister site, Tor.com, we are publisher-neutral in our selection of books, authors and materials for coverage and discussion. We don’t play favorites because we think a real romance community site should be all-inclusive.  You don’t want to miss a thing, and neither do we.

Discover something new, share your thoughts…

Obsess with us.


Who is Team H&H?

Heather Waters (HeatherWaters)
Editorial Director

Heather Waters manages HeroesandHeartbreakers.com. A sucker for fairy tales and romance practically from the cradle, even in her free time she can usually be found gabbing about this fictional couple or that, preferably while on a train or a plane to some far-off destination.

Jennifer Proffitt (JenniferProffitt)
Community Manager

Jennifer Proffitt is a Midwest transplant to New York City. You can usually find her wishing time-travel was possible so she could go back to Victorian England or that she was a paranormal creature.

Teddy Pierson (TeddyP)
Community Operations, Strategy & Administration

Teddy loves two things: peanut butter and technology. You can either find him eating the former or exploiting the latter. Oh… he's also a sucker for puppy noses and kitten whiskers.

Jen Wattley (JenWattley)
Production Associate

Jen is the production associate for H&H, shipper, musical theatre nerd, and Thai food enthusiast. Tweet her or follow her on Tumblr.

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