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The Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride: Exclusive Excerpt

An exclusive excerpt of a selected scene from Carolyn Brown's The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride (February 4, 2014) is available on Heroes and Heartbreakers to members. Please log in or register to read the full excerpt.

The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride by Carolyn BrownShe's Got Sass...

Emily Cooper promised her dying grandfather that she'd deliver a long-lost letter to a woman he once planned to wed. Little does adventurous Emily know that this simple task will propel her to places she never could have imagined...with a cowboy who's straight out of her dreams...

He's Got Mail...

When sexy rancher Greg Adams discovers his grandmother Clarice has installed Emily on their ranch as her assistant, he decides to humor the two ladies. He figures Emily will move on soon enough. In the meantime, he intends to keep a close eye on her—he doesn't quite buy her story of his grandmother as a mail-order bride.

A lost letter meant a lost love for Clarice, but two generations later, maybe it's not too late for that letter to work its magic.

A Note from Carolyn Brown:
Hi all y’all! It’s great to be back here at Heroes and Heartbreakers to give you an excerpt from The Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride, which is just a couple of weeks away from publication. Emily and Greg have been flirting for weeks and now they are at their first formal affair, a Valentine’s party at the North Texas Angus Association held in a country club. Because of a misunderstanding they are not there as a couple but rather alone and wishing they were together but sometimes fate and grandmothers have to use what they have to get what they want.

Emily was aware of exactly where Greg was sitting when she walked in the door. He was dressed in black creased jeans that stacked up just right over his shiny black boots. His silver belt buckle was embossed with the Lightning Ridge brand. Flashes of a white shirt showed behind the lapels of his black western cut jacket. Her mouth was so dry that she craved just one sip of that long neck Coors he was holding.

Clarice introduced people to her so fast that she’d never remember any of the names. She’d shaken hands with dozens of cowboys and as many ladies when suddenly someone turned up the heat in the Denison Country Club about forty degrees. She felt Greg’s hand on her bare back exactly one second before she looked past his glasses into his green eyes and realized that it was the sexual energy between them that had caused the sudden rise in temperature and that it had nothing to do with the thermometer.

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