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Hell for Leather: Exclusive Excerpt

An exclusive excerpt of a selected scene from Julie Ann Walker's Hell for Leather (May 6, 2014) is available on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Please log in or register to read the full excerpt...

Hell for Leather by Julie Ann Walker

Bad-boy bikers by day & special ops team by night—these New York Times bestselling Black Knights keep you on the edge of your seat!


Only a crisis could persuade Delilah Fairchild to abandon her beloved biker bar, let alone ask Black Knights Inc. operator Bryan “Mac” McMillan for help. But her uncle has vanished into thin air, and sexy, surly Mac has the connections to help her find him. What the big, blue-eyed Texan has against her is a mystery… but when the bullets start to fly, Mac becomes her only hope of survival, and her only chance of finding her uncle alive.


Mac knows a thing or two about beautiful women— mainly that they can’t be trusted. Throw in a ticking clock, a deadly homegrown terrorist, and some missing nuclear weapons, and a man just might find himself on the wrong end of the gun. But facing down danger with Delilah is one passion-filled thrill ride…

Damned if Mac wasn’t kissing Delilah right back…

He couldn’t believe it. And there was a large part of his brain that was screaming, what the hell, dude? It was supposed to be one kiss! Just one kiss!

Yessir, a large part of his brain was screaming exactly that. Over and over. But the rest of him? Well the rest of him was yelling something else entirely. Something that started with “oh” and ended with “yeah” and had a “hell” thrown in somewhere in the middle.

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