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Romance novels and women's fiction set in the modern-day world. No better time than the present, eh?

Jenny Holiday Excerpt: <i>Infamous</i>
November 20 2017

Jenny Holiday Excerpt: Infamous

Jenny Holiday
All that up-and-coming musician Jesse Jamison has ever wanted is to be on the cover of Rolling Stone....
Christina Lauren Excerpt: <i>Roomies</i>
November 17 2017

Christina Lauren Excerpt: Roomies

Christina Lauren
Marriages of convenience are so...inconvenient. For months Holland Bakker has invented excuses...
Tara Leigh Excerpt: <i>Deal Breaker</i>
November 14 2017

Tara Leigh Excerpt: Deal Breaker

Tara Leigh
Nixie Rowland is having a bad day. Rushing home to drown her sorrows in ice cream and reality television,...
Lexi Blake Excerpt: <i>At Your Service, Masters and Mercenaries</i>
November 11 2017

Lexi Blake Excerpt: At Your Service, Masters and Mercenaries

Lexi Blake
Juliana O'Neil's promising future was burned away in the heat of battle. She had been...
Santino Hassell Excerpt: <i>Citywide</i>
November 10 2017

Santino Hassell Excerpt: Citywide

Santino Hassell
A collection of standalone stories.... A record-breaking heat wave engulfs the Five Boroughs,...
Maggie McGinnis Excerpt: <i>Taking a Chance</i>
November 7 2017

Maggie McGinnis Excerpt: Taking a Chance

Maggie McGinnis
A rising star in the corporate world, Emma Winthrop enjoys the view from her cubicle in sunny...
Rebecca Zanetti Excerpt: <i>Twisted Truths</i>
November 5 2017

Rebecca Zanetti Excerpt: Twisted Truths

Rebecca Zanetti
You can't escape the past . . Noni is desperate. Her infant niece has been kidnapped,...
Stacey Agdern, Adriana Anders, Ainsley Booth, Jane Lee Blair, Amy Jo Cousins, Tamsen Parker, Ainsley Booth, Olivia Dade, Kris Ripper Excerpt: <i>Rogue Affair: A Romance Anthology</i>
November 4 2017

Stacey Agdern, Adriana Anders, Ainsley Booth, Jane Lee Blair, Amy Jo Cousins, Tamsen Parker, Ainsley Booth, Olivia Dade, Kris Ripper Excerpt: Rogue Affair: A Romance Anthology

Stacey Agdern, Adriana Anders, Ainsley Booth, Jane Lee Blair, Amy Jo Cousins, Tamsen Parker, Olivia Dade and Kris Ripper
When all else fails, find passion. Even more new romances for readers who can’t get...
Helena Hunting Excerpt: <i>Hooking Up</i>
November 1 2017

Helena Hunting Excerpt: Hooking Up

Helena Hunting
Amalie Whitfield is the picture of a blushing bride during her wedding reception–but for...
Elizabeth Hayley Excerpt: <i>The Proposition</i>
October 29 2017

Elizabeth Hayley Excerpt: The Proposition

Elizabeth Hayley
Professional hockey player Ben Williamson doesn't quite know how he got himself into this...
Karen Ranney Excerpt: <i>The Texan Duke</i>
October 28 2017

Karen Ranney Excerpt: The Texan Duke

Karen Ranney
As the ward to the late Duke of Lothian, Elsbeth Carew resides at the ancestral estate of Bealadair....
Avon Gale, Piper Vaughn Excerpt: <i>Off the Ice</i>
October 26 2017

Avon Gale, Piper Vaughn Excerpt: Off the Ice

Avon Gale
Tristan Holt is nothing if not pragmatic. Despite a flourishing career as a defenseman for the...
Janna MacGregor Excerpt: <i>The Bride Who Got Lucky</i>
October 25 2017

Janna MacGregor Excerpt: The Bride Who Got Lucky

Janna MacGregor
He would do anything to protect her. Even marry her… The son of a cold-hearted duke,...
Liz Maverick Excerpt: <i>The Financier</i>
October 24 2017

Liz Maverick Excerpt: The Financier

A job to die for. Women to kill for. Dangerous times call for dangerous men like the Hudson Kings—and...
K. Bromberg Excerpt: <i>Cuffed</i>
October 22 2017

K. Bromberg Excerpt: Cuffed

K. Bromberg
“I hate you. I never want to see you again.” Grant Malone is not the reason...
Cindi Madsen Excerpt: <i>Nailed It</i>
October 19 2017

Cindi Madsen Excerpt: Nailed It

Cindi Madsen
I'm Ivy Clarke. Bartender, best friend, and disbeliever in love.And now I'm in over my...
Jessica Linden Excerpt: <i>Trust In Me</i>
October 16 2017

Jessica Linden Excerpt: Trust In Me

Jessica Linden
As the heir to a large pharmaceutical company, Marco Adamo had it all. But when a drunk Marco...
Alicia Hunter Pace Excerpt: <i>Slap Shot: Bryant</i>
October 14 2017

Alicia Hunter Pace Excerpt: Slap Shot: Bryant

Alicia Hunter Pace
Two deeply scarred souls struggle with forbidden feelings in this heartfelt second novel in the...
Eliza Daly Excerpt: <i>’Til Death Do Us Part</i>
October 10 2017

Eliza Daly Excerpt: ’Til Death Do Us Part

Eliza Daly
Life and death matters take on a whole new twist when a quirky funeral planner tries her hand...
Shayla Black Excerpt: <i>Misadventures of a Backup Bride</i>
October 7 2017

Shayla Black Excerpt: Misadventures of a Backup Bride

Shayla Black
An Overnight Billionaire… When Carson Frost inherits a confectionary that rakes...
Sherilee Gray Excerpt: <i>Broken Rebel</i>
October 5 2017

Sherilee Gray Excerpt: Broken Rebel

Sherilee Gray
They used to be best friends...but now, all they do is fight each other at every turn. She's...
Manda Collins, Nancy Naigle, Donna Alward, Donna Grant, and Kieran Kramer Excerpt: Holiday 2017 Sampler
October 3 2017

Manda Collins, Nancy Naigle, Donna Alward, Donna Grant, and Kieran Kramer Excerpt: Holiday 2017 Sampler

Manda Collins, Nancy Naigle, Donna Alward, Donna Grant and Kieran Kramer
If you want to get into the holiday spirit, but you're not quite ready for all the stress...
Santino Hassell Excerpt: <i>Sightlines</i>
October 2 2017

Santino Hassell Excerpt: Sightlines

Santino Hassell
Chase Payne is a walking contradiction. He's the most powerful psychic in the Community,...
Alexis Daria Excerpt: <i>Take the Lead</i>
October 1 2017

Alexis Daria Excerpt: Take the Lead

Alexis Daria
The first book in a sizzling duology about dancers who find love from #OwnVoice's Alexis...
Robin Covington Excerpt: <i>His Convenient Husband</i>
September 28 2017

Robin Covington Excerpt: His Convenient Husband

Robin Covington
NFL football player Isaiah Blackwell lost his husband three years ago and is raising their teen...
Kira Archer Excerpt: <i>69 Million Things I Hate About You</i>
September 27 2017

Kira Archer Excerpt: 69 Million Things I Hate About You

Kira Archer
After personal assistant Kiersten Abbott wins sixty-nine million dollars in the lotto, she suddenly...
L.A. Witt Excerpt: <i>Rank & File</i>
September 24 2017

L.A. Witt Excerpt: Rank & File

L.A. Witt
Senior Chief Will Curtis is as straitlaced as they come. While his fellow Sailors have partied...
Avon Gale Excerpt: <i>The Love Song of Sawyer Bell</i>
September 23 2017

Avon Gale Excerpt: The Love Song of Sawyer Bell

Avon Gale
Victoria “Vix” Vincent has only two weeks to find a replacement fiddle player for...
RaeAnne Thayne Excerpt: <i>Sugar Pine Trail</i>
September 20 2017

RaeAnne Thayne Excerpt: Sugar Pine Trail

RaeAnne Thayne
Librarian Julia Winston is ready to ditch the quiet existence she's been living. She's...
Pema Donyo Excerpt: <i>Stars in Their Eyes</i>
September 15 2017

Pema Donyo Excerpt: Stars in Their Eyes

Pema Donyo
This beautifully sweeping story of dueling ambitions and restless hearts in the roaring twenties...