Nov 8 2017 8:03am

What Is Your Preferred Protagonist Age?

Matthew McConaughey delivered one of the most creepy lines in the movie Dazed and Confused when he said “I keep getting older, but they stay the same age.” However, that sentiment is very true when it comes to fictional characters. We get older, but they tend to hover around the same age. When you pick up a romance novel the characters are typically between age 18 and 28. Some of them may be in their 30s and a rarer few are 40 or older. 

What is your preferred age for protagonists? Do you find as you get older you search for older protagonists in what you read? 

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
As I've gotten older, I have stopped reading about very young characters. I don't like YA and don't understand NA, (in my time, after you graduated college you were an adult, period!)

That said, I seem to enjoy books about people of diverse ages, from 20's to whenever.
2. Kareni
Like bungluna, I enjoy books about people of diverse ages. I've been reading romances since the seventies, so it's probably safe to say that I'm no spring chicken. That said, I will admit that Sarina Bowen's The Year We Fell Down is a favorite, and it's firmly in the new adult category.
3. lauralee1912
Sarina Bowen is the only New Adult author whose books I've read number over one or less. I recently read Keepsake and it earned a place in the Kindle Keepers file. I have a terrible DNF record with NA books so that is remarkable. My age is (ahem) much older than the target audience so I don't relate much to the protagonists in Young Adult or New Adult books.

I like my protagonists to have lived a little and, yes, an old soul can be found at any age. I prefer main characters to be thirty or older, but in historicals may be younger due to life expectency of the times.
4. allieiswriting
I tend to prefer mid-twenties and up, but I can roll with New Adult. The biggest issue for me is the age gap between the romantic couple. I really prefer when the couple is closer in age/same peer group, I am not a lover of May-December romances.
Monique D
5. Monique D
Around 25 overall, but I'm fine with any age. If only YA didn't always start with: "Seventeen year-old so and so".
Monique D
6. Eilidh
I have read a few YA books that were surprisingly excellent. It's possible to find relevancy in any age range, but there is so much poorly written content out there. I prefer the 30's. Ideally the heroine is at least 28, the hero at least 30. Like another poster, I also don't like age gaps. They are just squicky. Past about 8 years difference and all I can think of is what is wrong with this guy?
Monique D
7. suzazq
i think I like late twenties early thirties whether its in historical romance or current. I just feel like they have lived a little more. Have more experience in their lives to draw from, and sex gets way better in late twenties and into the least in my opinion.
Banon N
8. SB-BooksAddict
I prefer the mid-twenties to mid-thirties. If they're too young I wonder why they are not focussing on studies and making something of themselves first - though I have to say I have read a few YAs and they're not that bad!
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