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So Many Ships Ready to Sail on The Gifted

The Gifted on Fox

The number of reasons to love Fox's The Gifted are plentiful. It's fantastic to see a character-driven X-Men story. This isn't about the big battle or a war fought on grand levels. This is the day-to-day of actually being a mutant. They're on the run, they're learning their powers, and none of it is really going to plan. That kind of tension naturally lends itself to romance right?

While you could certainly watch The Gifted without looking for love, we aren't those people. This show is setup for a 'shipper's heart. Here we have four possible pairings that have this H&Her ready to set sail, ranked from good to great.

4. Reed Strucker & Kate Strucker


For a show that's about those with the mutant X gene fighting to save themselves and one another from the government who would arrest and permanently detain them, there's still a human 'ship. Yeah, I know. It isn't the spiciest, but that might change. Reed and Kate just learned their two teenagers are mutants, and quickly got put on the run. Reed (played by Stephen Moyer, who I can't stop thinking of as Bill Compton) was a prosecutor for the Sentinel Services, but is quickly taken into custody.

Kate is stuck protecting their kids, learning about all things mutant, and doing everything in her power to get back to her husband. On the flipside, Reed is working every angle to keep his family safe. These two put family first, and want nothing more than to rescue one another. While right now that's a low-heat level, it has potential to make for some dynamic romance down the road.

3. Dreamer & Johnny/Thunderbird


John Proudstar—aka Thunderbird aka Johnny—is listed in two different ships in this post. This might be because Blair Redford is delicious or because of the chemistry on screen. Johnny and Dreamer's relationship is past tense. We can read the tension in their bodies when they're in the same room. They wanted a relationship, but thought it would jeopardize the mission of their de facto mutant underground railroad if they pursued it. When it comes time to save Johnny's live, though, Dreamer uses her ability to put her memories of her relationship with Johnny, her love for him, into Blink's mind.

In those memories we can view the ache, view how badly she wishes things were different. There's this sad beauty of watching Dreamer and Thunderbird interact. The question is will they be willing to let go and be together? Will they steal private moments and then regret them afterward? The possibility of a super slow-burn, agonizingly sexy build of a relationship is here.

Second chance romance, anyone?

2. Eclipse & Polaris


When Eclipse and Polaris's powers intermingle it makes a mini aurora borealis. They are literal magic together. MAGIC. So, of course, the writers have split them for the first few episodes of the series. However, the flashbacks between these two were enough to make every 'shipper swoon. Polaris pushed Eclipse, made him better, stronger. When she was captured by Sentinel Services that strength mattered as he defied every rule to get her back. He would have been willing to be captured than spend time without her. The added bonus of Polaris being pregnant brings an added element of “this needs to work” importance to their relationship. Getting them back together is the easy part, though. It isn't going to be easy to stay together when the consequences of the extraction from Sentinel Services begin to weigh harder and harder on Eclipse. Watching these two find a way to stay safe and escape for alone time is going to be a 'ship highlight of The Gifted.

1. Blink & Johnny/Thunderbird


This is my No. 1 ship for The Gifted, and it should be. The only way this could be better for me is if they were enemies who fell in love (I know my trope catnip, y'all). I need Blink and Johnny to happen. I need him to realize he wants her, but avoid her because it would mean changing dynamics. I want him to avoid making a move because he's worried how much of her desire for him is actually her emotion and how much is implanted from the Dreamer's memories. I want him to get all confused about if that means he still has strong feelings for Dreamer or if those feelings for Blink are real.

Blink, though? I want her to want Johnny something fierce. I want her to indulge in the palpable chemistry between them, because she knows that it is real even if her memories aren't. I want her to discover things about John that Dreamer didn't. Things that are special to her.

These two have a natural connection, but the added conflict of Dreamer's implanted memories makes everything too much for these two. It's like there's dub con that didn't involve the main couple. It's like amnesia romance. It's all the sticky, complicated, slow-burn 'ships I love best.

I want Blink and Johnny to make new memories together. Real ones. Sexy ones. Portals to secluded places are not off limits when it comes to 'shipper needs.

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1. monique_moni
I totally agree that Blink and Johnny should be together. They are meant for each other.
Also, Eclipse and Polaris are cute. Their first kiss was so romantic. I hope that they won't be separated again.
2. ChelseaMueller
@monique_moni - YES! I'm crossing fingers and toes for Blink/Johnny to happen.

...and I'm with you on Eclipse and Polaris. I think there's a decent chance they will end up separated again, but will fight every obstacle to come back together.
Terri Rose
3. Terri L
I love Blink and Johnny and have already been thinking along the exact lines that you describe. I really hope the writers see it the same way and choose to go in that direction! They have the potential to be one of the great ships if only the writers take it!
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
I want Blink and Johnny to make new memories together. Real ones. Sexy ones.

I've only seen the first two episodes so far, but omg, yes, THIS.
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