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First Look: May McGoldrick’s Romancing the Scot (November 14, 2017)

Romancing the Scot by May McGoldrick

May McGoldrick
Romancing the Scot (Pennington Family #1)
Swerve / November 14, 2017 / $3.99 digital

In Romancing the Scot, May McGoldrick begins a new series on the next generation of Penningtons. We start with Hugh Pennington, Viscount Greysteil. Hugh is an avid balloonist who finds a surprise in the new basket which has just arrived from Antwerp: A nearly dead woman. Grace Ware was running from the villains who killed her father when she hid in the crate, only to find herself nailed in and in a ship’s hold for a five day trip to Scotland. It was touch-and-go, but Hugh and his sister Jo save Grace’s life and she slowly recovers from her ordeal. While healing, she learns that she and Hugh were on opposite sides of the late war in France.

Grace accompanied her father to war, an Irish Colonel who fought with the French against the English. Hugh lead a Scots brigade and was a hero of the Napoleonic wars. He is now Lord Justice of the Scottish Courts in the Borders. As they get to know each other and Grace learns of Hugh’s history, she realizes that they were all too often at the same place.

Grace could count a dozen instances where the two men had fought on opposing sides in the same battle. For more than a few of those, Grace had been traveling with him. She’d been in the French camps, doing what she could to tend to the injured or lend support to the wives who’d followed their husbands on the campaigns.

Grace’s guilt is exacerbated when she learns of Hugh’s wife and child, who died during the war. They were traveling to meet Hugh and were caught up in a battle that was lead by Grace’s father. She has her own scars from the war and is sick to death with it all, but she shatters when she finds that her father may have had a part in the deaths of Hugh’s wife and son.

Grace sobbed. “I’ve seen too much. Long ago, I realized my enemy was not a man who fought on one side or the other. My foe became war itself. I hated the senseless slaughter, the blind merciless taking of lives. I loathed the wave of destruction and death that swept away the innocent and guilty without distinction.”

She fought for a breath. “No word I can say will relieve you of the loss you still grieve. No apology from me will change the hate you carry within you or lessen your desire for revenge. But know this. If I were given a chance – be it on that battlefield or in Vigo or today – I’d give up my own worthless existence if I could give you back the lives of those two innocents.”

Hugh still grieves the loss of his wife and son eight years later and carries an enormous amount of guilt over their deaths.

And yet, he continued to search for others to blame. Other than himself, there was truly no one else to blame. He chose to go to war. He chose to shield his wife from the savagery of that life. He failed to make her secure in their marriage. But he could not change any of that now. He would live with that for the rest of his life, but she was gone.

Hugh’s increasing closeness to Grace and seeing her own emotional wounds and guilt from the war, fuels their closeness and helps him reconcile himself to the past and his own scars.

Eight years he’d mourned what could not be changed. It was time to let Amelia rest. She and their son were gone, and there was no coming back from death.

It was time to let go. As fragile as life was, this world belonged to the living.

War is a terrible thing that attacks victims and survivors alike. Romancing the Scot explores this difficult subject with empathy and depth, all wrapped in a lovely and moving romance.


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