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First Look: Lecia Cornwall’s Enchanted by the Highlander (November 14, 2017)

Enchanted by the Highlander by Lecia Cornwall

Lecia Cornwall
Enchanted by the Highlander (Highland Fairy Tale #4)
Swerve / November 14, 2017 / $3.99 digital

Lecia Cornwall’s latest in her Highland Fairytale series, Enchanted by the Highlander, is exactly that: Enchanting. The story flows, and the romance buds until the leads have their HEA. I found chills erupting all over my skin several times and it involved moments where the Hero, John Erly, and the Heroine, Gillian MacLeod didn’t even kiss. You see, Gillian MacLeod is the shy MacLeod. The one whom all her sisters’ feel they must talk for and protect. But beneath her shy façade is a woman capable of protecting herself, a woman who knows her mind, and until recently felt silenced.

Everything changes when she falls for John Erly, the Sassenach. Her father, the fearless Laird MacLeod of Glen Iolair, would never allow his daughter to marry an Englishman. Yet, that is who owns her heart. Though not because John pursues the lass. Rather, he tries in vain to avoid her, because he knows he’s not worthy of her love.

John has a past, one where he was disowned from the Earldom he was to inherit. We don’t know the details until later in the book so I’ll leave that as a surprise. What we do know, is the chemistry and attraction between John and Gilly is so intense, you could scoop it up and sell it on Amazon.

John is the captain of the guards for Laird Alistair Og Sinclair, the Earl of Carrby, and Gilly’s sister’s husband. What we do know is John saved Alistair from a London prison and returned him to Scotland. Exactly what is his crime? One will have to read to find out. But back to Gilly. She is eventually promised to her father’s friend, Sir Douglas MacKinnon, some ten months later. What is important to the story, is that Gilly and John kissed her sister Fia’s masked ball ten months ago. Both Gilly and John were unable to remove the kiss from their memories.  And even more fateful, Alisdair is to give his wife’s sister away for the wedding, yet he has not returned home from his travels. Hence Alisdair asks John to escort Gilly safely to Edinburgh.

Gilly’s been warned by English John’s reputation. Yet, she still can’t deny her attraction, despite the warnings.

“Is he unkind to women? Gillian asked, surprised.

Fia’s lips tightened. “No, worse−he’s charming. There’s not a lass at Carraig who hasn’t had her head turned by English John. Flattery gets him everything, and he knows just what to say to sin a lass’s hearth and her−Well, he isn’t for novices, Gilly, and he certainly isn’t for you. Stay away from him while you’re here.”

Yes, this is the quintessential shy yet beautiful woman slaying the end of a rogue’s sowing oats. He falls hard for Gilly and despite the rumors, isn’t as rogue-ish as his reputation. And he’s just as affected by Gilly as she is by him.

John felt her gaze like a touch, the caress of a fingertip along the back of his neck. He knew it was Gillian MacLeod even before he turned to see her there with Fia, watching the lads practicing, but Gillian’s eyes were for him, only for him. He felt his breath catch, his body tighten…He stared at Gillian, willed her to wait, to come to him, but after a brief instant she followed her sister, rode away.

John and Gilly are both not whom they seem. They are both layered and over time, we see this uncovering of both our Hero and Heroine. Especially as our two leads make the discoveries themselves.

He looked at Gillian coolly as he rose and hoped that Sir Douglas MacKinnon would appreciate the hidden passions that simmered below her demure surface. Even now, from just a touch of his hand, her eyes were bright as stars, and her cheeks were rose pink. She was passionate−he knew that.

Lecia Cornwall’s new series keeps getting better and better. The writing and the unfolding of the story lures me in and I’m completely invested in the marriage of the other MacLead women. I can’t say enough about this author and this series. I’m in love.


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