Nov 14 2017 9:30am

What Will Happen with Our Favorite Star Wars Couples in Last Jedi?

Star Wars The Last Jedi

The new Star Wars trailer is here and all we want to know is—where’s our Rey / Finn candy? Where, oh where, have they gone?

Because if there are no scenes with Rey & Finn together in this movie…

*Pause for moment of emotional collection*

That means…

We’ll be waiting two more years for the next movie to get some? Is that what this is going to turn into?

Rey’s goodbye from Finn in Force Awakens was touching. Which didn’t sound like a goodbye long enough to last an entire Star Wars episode, but that’s sure as hell what it looks like watching the trailer.


Which means, Rey / Finn is either, not meant to be (which honestly, I’m not ready to consider as a possibility, because I ship them so hard), or they’ll just be biding their time with other people until they meet up again.

Because, truth, this Last Jedi trailer was all about Kylo Ren.


It starts with him. It ends with him.

He holds out his hand to Rey as she’s saying, “I need someone to show me my place in all this.”

And immediately before she does, the supreme leader’s voice says, “Fulfill your destiny.”

It makes Nicola R. White’s perspective seem even more plausible than we feared.

Something is going on between Kylo Ren and Rey in this movie. Something serious and intense.

Even Kylo Ren’s voice over, “Let the past die, kill it, if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be,” made me wonder if he’s saying it to Rey. The way she was so attached to getting back to her family on Jakku in the Force Awakens, it would make sense.

And if Luke refuses to train Rey, like they’re implying with his quote of being scared of her “raw strength,” the only person she knows with any training in the Force is Kylo Ren. 

Whether Ren is redeemable after his crimes in the Force Awakens is... debatable. But what’s certain, either Rey is going to the dark side or Ren is coming to the light (or maybe they figure out how to peacefully co-exist, who knows)—but there is definitely going to be mega screen time for Rey / Ren.

But what about Finn?

There’s an excellent line of Poe’s in the trailer, “We have a spark to light the fire that’ll burn the first order down.” Poe could easily be saying this to Finn.


He and Finn had some excellent scenes together in the Force Awakens, and seeing them together again would be awesome candy. Hopefully, we’re going to be getting some nice screen share time between the two of them.

But Finn’s biggest moment in the trailer was his duel with Captain Phasma.


The first female stormtrooper will have to take her helmet off sometime, we hope! If that were to happen while Finn was nearby… so here for it! Plus there’s the whole, her being his ex-boss thing in Force Awakens. The fight scene in the trailer showed some glimpses of genuine chemistry.

That is, if you’re into the enemies-to-lovers trope, which this trailer seems keen on encouraging.

Who knows what Ships are coming up in the Last Jeidi. The guarantee is lots of conflict and shocking surprises.

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EC Spurlock
1. EC Spurlock
I don't think KyloRey will be a thing; if you look at those two scenes closely you will see that they have different backgrounds, suggesting they happen at two different times in the film. (SW trailers have always been good at the misdirect!) Frankly I think they are going to turn out to be related; he clearly knows her from somewhere, witness his line in TFA "it IS you!"

Frankly after seeing how cute they are together I am starting to ship Finn/Rose! He might turn out to be the hero she needs.
Robin Lovett
2. RobinLovett
@ECSpurlock good point about Rose/Finn! I'm so bummed she wasn't in the trailer :( It'll be really fun to see them together and see what happens between them. And I completely forgot about that Kylo Ren line from TFA! That really does imply he knew Rey before somehow.
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