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First Look: Loretta Chase’s A Duke in Shining Armor (November 28, 2017)

A Duke in Shining Armor by Loretta Chase,

Loretta Chase
A Duke in Shining Armor (Difficult Dukes #1)
Avon / November 28, 2017 / $7.99 print, $6.99 digital

The fabulous Loretta Chase begins a new series about three ducal friends, known collectively to the ton as “Their Dis-Graces” with A Duke in Shining Armor. One Dis-Grace is the Duke of Ashmont who is all set to marry Lady Olympia Hightower. However, that lady is having major second thoughts and, slightly inebriated, is caught climbing out of the window by Ashmont’s best friend, the equally dis-graceful Hugh, Duke of Ripley. Ripley follows the tipsy Olympia to keep her out of harm and to talk her into returning. She is dubious about his good intentions.

“Didn’t you tell me you were a damsel in distress?” he said. “I’m your knight in shining armor.”

Her eyebrows went up.

“It makes for a change,” he said.

“I should not call it a change,” she said. “In your case I should call it. . .” Her eyebrows settled again and a glint of humor lit her eyes. “An apocalypse.”

Being a Knight in Shining Armor is a novel experience for Ripley and, while occasionally exasperating, he begins to enjoy their adventures while on the run from the wedding. However, being in close proximity to Olympia reminds Ripley of how much he’d always admired her.

He should have chased her before, years before. He’d known she was there, among the wallflowers and hens and feeble old men. He’d never wondered why. He’d taken it for granted she’d always be there. He’d never given it any thought. Had he somehow assumed it was for his convenience? Had he assumed she waited, like some lady in her castle, for him to come riding up, like the knight in a romance, to take her away? When he was good and ready?

“Thinking,” Ripley muttered. “Stop it.”

Olympia is smart and funny and no-nonsense and Ripley freely admits that she is perfect for Ashmont. She will lead him a merry dance, he thinks, but it isn’t long before he realizes that she really is perfect for him. And now what can he do?

He was going to put her behind him and do what needed to be done. He was going to do the right thing, because he was the bloody knight in shining armor. For every-goddamn-body.

Including Ashmont, who couldn’t be sober for his own wedding, or pursue his own runaway bride, and was taking his own bloody time about finding them, though Ripley had done nothing to conceal himself, and half the world must have recognized him as he passed. Could one have left a clearer trail? Ought Ripley to have posted signs?

Chase’s trademark mixture of humor and pathos is well-displayed here. A Duke in Shining Armor is a story of love and friendship and the duty one owes to both. As well as a rollicking Good Time.


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