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That’s Our Spot: Arrow Season 6, Episode 5 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 5Show/Episode: Arrow Season 6, Episode 5 “Deathstroke Returns”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 6x05 Captain's Log

Councilwoman Pollard, the woman who introduced the anti-vigilante bill (the same one that’s being pushed to a citywide vote), is targeted by a sniper. Dinah spots the danger in time to save the councilwoman but the sniper gets away. Oliver is unable to handle the issue from City Hall because Slade is in town (and hanging out at his apartment no less!). Slade wants his help to locate his son, who goes by the name Kane. He’s been tracking him all across the globe, since last we saw him, and now in Kasnia, working for the Australian Secret Service but he was captured and is in prison. Slade needs Oliver to use diplomacy to help him, not the Green Arrow, so he wants him to go with him to Kasnia. Uhm. I’m getting a red flag here.

Felicity and Curtis are tracking the sniper who is… Vigilante. Dinah is investigating the sniper’s nest with Diggle. They all question why Vigilante would want to target Pollard. Samanda Watson shows up and has some questions about what Diggle is doing at a crime scene. She wants to interview him officially.


Letting herself into Oliver’s apartment, Felicity finds William studying more Algebra and goes to see Oliver in his room. He’s packing… or thinking about packing. He isn’t 100% sure about going and talks it out with Felicity. He wants her to tell him not to go. She thinks maybe he should, because she knows Oliver and that he’ll be upset with himself if he breaks his promise to Slade. She thinks William will understand his father wanting to help a friend, so no big deal just leaving him for a week or whatever. Oh, lord.

I’m having a hard time with the reasoning behind Oliver trusting Slade to this degree. Even if the man hadn’t brutally murdered his mother in front of him and his sister and laid waste to his beloved city (admittedly under the influence of Mirakuru), he did terrorize him and his sister when they were brought to the island by Malcolm in season three. And then, in the finale of season 5, when they learned the entire island was rigged with explosives, Slade ditched Oliver’s friends and family to save his own hide. Sure, he “helped” him find his son (though I feel even that much is debatable), but one could argue it’s Slade’s selfishness that lead to the mother of his son being killed and his sister lying in a coma for months on end. I’m just not sure how much Oliver “owes” Slade at this point.

Oliver meets Slade and off to Kasnia they go. They meet up with a shady looking individual there named Nielander that Slade apparently knows. He has information for Slade about his son. He warns him to be careful… the guys his son was snooping around were mercenaries, not nice guys. Oliver looks generally unimpressed. Slade wants Oliver to offer a photo op so they can gain entry to where Joe is being held. Oliver wants him to take Joe to the airport and fly to London… without telling him that Slade himself is involved. Slade doesn’t think he has a right to be his father, because of his Deathstroke identity. He knows his son doesn’t want to see him.

Back in Star City, Dinah is tracking the Vigilante. She tries to arrest him and they face off. Her cry actually cracks his visor, making him take it off. The guy underneath has a scarred face and… she recognizes him. He gets away and she goes to the bunker to tell the team what she learned. His name is Vincent Sobel. It’s her old partner… her old boyfriend. The one that was shot in the head in front of her, right when the particle wave blanketed Central City and the same time she got her cry. Okay, so I kinda thought this might be the case. Good to know. The team is on it, they want to trace this guy, find where it is.

Dig and Felicity talk a little about Watson. Dig did the interview with her and now it’s Felicity’s turn apparently. Felicity tries to joke with the FBI agent about dating Oliver again but Samanda is not interested. She wants to know if Felicity is willing to testify under oath about her and Oliver’s alibis. Felicity assures her that she is. During the interview, she gets a text from Curtis telling her that he’s found out where Dinah’s ex is holed up. Felicity begs off, saying she’s late for a coffee date and Watson lets her go. Albeit suspicious.


The team moves in on where they expect to find Vigilante… and find a lot of ammunition there. Dinah is pretty upset by all of this and takes out her frustration on the training dummy in the bunker. Dig has a talk with her about it, wonders why she isn’t happy Vincent is still alive. She says he’s a psychopath and she’s done some not great things as well. Rene interrupts them to say Pollard is doing an interview at the news station and he has an interview with Watson. Dinah goes to give the councilwoman some cover.

Oliver meets with the Kasnian prison official and makes nice. Then he requests the release of “Kane Wolfman”. The man tells him that “Kane” was killed in a prison fight. He goes to tell Slade the news and he, predictably, doesn’t take it very well. He’s upset that his son didn’t know that he loved him. He wishes he’d gone with him, to say goodbye. He takes him to the prison with him, to show Slade the body of his son. But it’s not there. Oliver is prepared to throw his weight around, diplomatically and the official caves. The “Jackals”, the mercenary Joe was investigating, came to take him. He knows secrets… secrets worth millions. Slade storms off to hunt down these Jackals.

Dig and Felicity have a talk about Oliver working with Slade. She’s not happy about it, despite her encouraging Oliver to help him. Dinah contacts them to not come to the station because Watson just arrived and if they show up too, it’ll be very suspicious. Dig shows up anyhow, which annoys Dinah. She doesn’t think there’s anything left of Vigilante that was the man she loved. Dig tells her that there’s a chance there is… the Vigilante purposefully didn’t hurt her once before. Inside the station, the Vigilante lurks in the rafters. He eventually corners Pollard, threatening to shoot her before Dinah intervenes in her Canary gear. She wants to talk with Vince but before they can, a police office runs in to shoot them. The Vigilante steps in front of the bullet, taking it in his head. Okay, how many times does she have to watch this man get shot in the head?? She watches, horrified, as he pulls it out of his head and gets up. He tells her that dark matter changed him too… everything heals now. She’s upset that he let her believe he was dead for four years. He says he couldn’t be distracted from his mission. He takes the Vigilante life very seriously, apparently. She tells him to go before the police and FBI show up. Then she tells Dig that Vigilante got away.

Oliver tells Slade that he’s asked Felicity to find information on the Jackals. She was able to find some footage from the prison and Slade is impressed with how capable she is. He asks how Oliver managed to get her and Oliver admits he asks himself that question every day. Oliver is reluctant to let Slade go after the Jackals alone but Slade drugs him and takes off alone anyhow. Oliver wakes up in his hotel room to a note from Slade telling him to go home. Then he gets a call from William asking if he’s coming home. He says he is and expresses regret that he wasn’t able to help his friend. Meanwhile, Deathstroke is taking out Jackals right and left. It’s pretty gruesome. I think he might need some therapy. Or anger management. He’s surrounded by those that are left and his friend, Nielander, is apparently at the leader of this Jackal organization. Slade demands to know where his son is. Nielander asks if he wants to join him.

Samanda confronts Dinah about how Pollard was saved by Black Canary. She wants to know where Dinah was… when the lights went out at the station, Dinah wasn’t there but Black Canary was. Daaaaamn, she’s got her number. She’s got all their numbers. Dinah is flummoxed when she sees a matchbook gift on her car dashboard, a gift from Vincent. I’d say the man she loved is still in there.

Oliver tracks Slade to where he found the Jackals, clearly deciding against going home to his family. Slade tells his friend he’ll join the Jackals so long as they let his son go. Oliver overhears this, and Nielander saying he won’t let Slade’s son go. Why not? Because he’s the leader of the Jackals. Oh, damn. That’s not good.

Slade’s Flashbacks

We see a flashback to thirteen years ago, of him and his son before the whole Lian Yu thing went down. It’s kinda weird to see him with two eyes again. He and Joe go on a camping trip where his son asks him about what he really does for a living. He doesn’t believe that his father is a pilot. It turns out, Slade is on a mission while on the camping trip. While playing ball together, Slade’s target shows up. He has the man take a picture of him and his son. Later, he sees the man walking alone and follows him, giving his son a flimsy excuse. In his Deathstroke mask, he pulls a knife on the man and asks where someone named Yao Fei is. The man tells him “Purgatory” and Slade takes him out. As he and Joe are packing up their campsite and it’s a super warm family moment. Hmm. Clearly something went wrong with this kid somewhere along the line. That or he takes after his unhinged father

Memorable Lines:

“Be the mayor until I get back.”
“For real?”
“No, it’s a figure of speech.” 
-Oliver and Rene, about taking some time off of being mayor.

“Has Slade invited you to a romantic getaway?”
“Something like that.”
“Where? Don’t say Aruba, that’s our spot.”
- Felicity to Oliver about him packing a bag.

“I wanted you to tell me not to go.”
-Oliver to Felicity about helping Slade.

Charting the Course:

Olicity is still chugging along. Samanda Watson is even aware that they’re back together. Which is a good sign… or a bad one. Depending on how you look at it. They were apart for most of the episode but clearly still occupying one another’s thoughts so that was sweet. Plus, it’s obvious that Felicity comes and goes at will from Oliver’s apartment and William doesn’t even bat an eyelash at it so that’s pretty cozy. Are wedding vows just around the corner? (Spoiler: yes.)

Next Stop:

Next week we get the rest of Slade Wilson’s “mini arc” on Arrow: “Promises Kept”. However, I will not be recapping it here. This week is my last Arrow recap for Heroes & Heartbreakers. However, you can find me over at Tumblr and Twitter where I will undoubtedly be posting all my episode-related feels.

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