Oct 11 2017 7:01am

Which Do You Have a Higher Tolerance For: Bad Covers or Bad Titles?

Girl in a library

We shouldn't judge a book by its cover or its title, but it's hard to not have those things be a factor for us. However, usually one of those has a greater pull. We can overlook a bad cover if the title is catchy, or we can overlook a bad title if the cover is good—extra bonuses obviously for the premise, but we can't even get to the premise if the cover or the title are just too bad for us to ignore. 

So, what's your threshold for bad covers vs. bad titles? Which do you have a higher tolerance for? 

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
My friends can attest, I have a pretty high tolerance for both bad covers AND bad titles. However, I'd say I lean more towards bad titles. Although a bad cover I can usually overlook because once I started reading I don't see the cover that often (because I read mostly digital) but it's not as easily ignored when I'm making the decision about picking up a book. So I think I'll pay attention to the cover more when it's a purchasing decision and can overlook a bad title in those cases. But then again, I remember the days in the early 2000s where most erotica book covers were CGI...
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
Since I read mostly from recommendations, I can ignore both. Bad covers are seen when I make the purchase and then disappear from my memory. Since I too read mostly e-books, I get to see only the title in my Library. The bad titles, though, stay with me forever.
3. keen23
Bad titles. A bad cover will make me avoid a book all together.
Althea Claire Duffy
4. Althea Claire Duffy
Bad covers are worse - especially if it's a paper book and you're embarrassed to be seen reading it in public!
5. lauralee1912
I pretty much ignore a bad cover since I mostly read e-books. However, sometimes my eyes hurt went I look at my content on our Amazon account, which I share with my husband. That said, I hear about all the dukes who inhabit my Kindle and get teased about any punny or bad titles that appear on the list.
Althea Claire Duffy
6. Karen H near Tampa
I'm never embarrassed about what I'm seen reading in public because I know what I like and I just don't care what people who don't know me think! But a bad cover can put me off so that I won't buy the book. Of course, what I think is bad isn't so to other people so I cannot see how authors or publishers can ever get it right for 100% of readers. For instance, there was an anthology several years ago that showed what I think of as "hooker boots" on it and though the authors were good, I hated those boots with a passion and would never plunk down my money to reward that cover with a sale. Some covers are so bad, however, that they're amusing to me. Titles, unless they're demeaning to women or pornographic, are totally irrelevant and I cannot even think of what I would consider a bad title. Maybe I'm just a more visual person because I can think of at least one other cover that I considered so bad I'd never buy the book, however.
Althea Claire Duffy
7. srw59
Titles are usually what catch my eye, so I can overlook a bad cover.
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