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Road Trip: Victoria 2x07 Vicbert Heart-to-Heart

Victoria, Season 2, Episode 7

Show/EpisodeVictoria, Season 2, Episode 7, “The King Over the Water”
Couple(s): Victoria/Albert (Vicbert)

With several attempts on her life, security is stepped up around Victoria, leaving the monarch feeling stifled. She’s desperate to claw back some freedom as the concerns for her safety trigger significant safety measures.

Safety First

In the wake of the assassination attempts, Albert is hugely concerned for his wife’s safety. Victoria, however, is resolute about continuing as normal, and with Peel’s agreement, hopes to flush out the latest would-be assailant. Heading out for another carriage ride, the assassin is caught after attempting to fire a gun at the royal carriage. With security stepped up around the Queen, Victoria feels like a prisoner in her home. Deciding to take back some control, she makes plans to visit Scotland where she believes she’ll have more freedom while things calm down.

Once they reach the Highlands, Victoria soon discovers that despite escaping London, her environment is still stifling thanks to security measures still being in place.

After a day fishing, Victoria insists on riding back from the river with Albert, only for it to backfire on her spectacularly. Taking advantage of being truly alone for the first time since they arrived in Scotland, they deviate from the trail, only to lose their way, along with the escort who’d been assigned to follow them at a distance.

As darkness falls, Victoria & Albert still haven’t found their way back to their accommodation, but manage to find a cottage to take shelter in. The owner and his wife seem unaware they’re providing shelter for royalty, but welcome them into their humble home. Over the course of the evening, they share a modest meal, and Victoria learns how to darn a sock.  It’s a whole world away from the life of pampering and privilege, but one they appear to feel comfortable in.

Retiring for the night, Victoria is horrified the cottage owners are giving up their bed for them, but grateful none the less. She laments to Albert how she believed being Queen would grant her freedom, but realises she was wrong. Albert admits he can see how happy his wife has been without the constraints of palace protocol, finally understanding how events have affected her.

The next morning, they wake to hear the search party approaching. With the royal couple now found, it’s time for them to return to their host and the constraints of royal life. Before they leave, Victoria is gifted a tool for darning socks, which the woman had shown her how to use the previous evening. 

Back at their Scottish bolt hole, a celebration dinner is held on their final evening, and as Victoria stands on the battlements watching the sunset, she’s joined by her host. They talk about how monarchs have been received north of the border in the past, and how their selfish behaviour has been the biggest contributor to people turning on them. He notes how for a monarch to be loved by their people, the key is to put their subject’s needs ahead of their own. This appears to strike a chord with Victoria who seems much happier about going home.

Following the state opening of parliament, Victoria is keen to shed her official skin.  She is seen symbolically stripping away the layers of formality as she enters her chambers.  Once there, she surprises Albert by having recreated their highland cottage escape with the help of Mr. Francatelli. She playfully informs her husband he will cook dinner on the open fire, while she darns socks. The scene symbolically cuts to her crown sitting on a side table as they embrace in the background.


Affairs of the Heart

With the series almost at the end, it appears the writers are keen to wrap some of the side character’s romantic machinations, whilst subtly teasing things may not quite be over for those involved. 

The Duchess of Sutherland is still mourning and does not react well to Ernest offering his condolences. While in Scotland, as everyone waits for news on Victoria & Albert, the Duchess of Buccleuch makes a thoughtless remark about how one of them could break their neck. This hits a nerve with Harriet considering how her husband died.  Concerned, Ernest goes after her, and it becomes clear she feels responsible for her husband’s demise, despite the dashing German doing everything to assure her she’s wrong. As the royal couple is found, Harriet apologises for her rudeness, only for Ernest to assert she must stop punishing herself. Before leaving Scotland, it appears the pair are reconciled as their fingers intertwine surreptitiously in one of the drawing rooms.

With Drummond set to marry when they return to London, it’s clear he and Lord Alfred are still pining for one another. Things finally reach ahead after a festive highland party, and the two share a long-anticipated sunset kiss. The next morning they’re back to their stiff upper lip selves, with no hint of things being continued back in London. Little do they know their tryst was witnessed by Miss Cook, who is friends with Drummond’s fiancé. 

Mrs. Skerrett enjoys a brief flirtation with an extremely handsome kilt wearing member of the Scottish household which also results in a kiss; only for her to turn him down when he asks to write to her once she’s back in London.  Has she finally realised her heart does belong with Mr. Francatelli?  Upon her return to the palace the pair share a brief but warm conversation which hints there may be a chance for them still.

Could we be set for some explosive resolutions in the final episode for any of these minor plots which have been bubbling away in the background?


Stay Tuned for Next Week….

It’s season finale time, and the broadcaster is still giving absolutely nothing away.  With this episode being such a slow burner, I’m hopeful they have something scandalously juicy waiting for us to draw things to a close.


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1. jannah
Awww I loved this episode especially how you could FEEL Albert's urge to protect Victoria when they got lost. He was all shades of cute and determined *insert heart eyes here* I can sympatise with Victoria because like she said, she's a Queen but still a woman who just wants to live her life.

With so much emotions between the couple I almost don't want them to fast forward so much because of Albert's inevitable death :( #Vicbert forever. With the season finale around the corner it's a good thing Outlander will still be around to fill the void.
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