Oct 1 2017 10:00am

The Mystery of the Miss Fisher Movie

Miss Fisher's Phryne and Jack

The Kickstarter for the Miss Fisher movie reached its goal in one day, and the expanded goals look like they could continue to expand for weeks to come. Fan support is certainly there, and “Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears” is expected to start production in 2018.

So what will we get? The producers, calling Phryne a “natural action hero,” seem to be aiming for an Indiana Jones type of story, with adventures all over the world and a mention of many “foreign lovers.”

Essie Davis as Indiana Jones is inherently awesome — I'm still sad she wasn't cast as the next Doctor — and this fits in nicely with the end of Season 3, when Phryne flies her father home to England:

Jack: “I always feared another man would sweep you away from me. I never thought it'd be your father.”
Phryne: “There's a whole world out there, Jack. He's the least of your worries.”

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We know Phryne well enough to take her at her word. If Jack doesn't answer her call to “come after me,” she'll be happy to amuse herself otherwise.

Still, it's hard to imagine Miss Fisher without her wonderful cadre of cohorts. Mr. Butler, who knows what's needed for any occasion, Burt and Cec, the men on the street, and of course emancipated Dot, who will surely not be content with simple wedded domesticity after all she's experienced. We know Miss Fisher flew off without anyone at all, and she's certainly capable of managing on her own, but... why would we want her to?

I  hope the producers will find a way to fit everyone in. Perhaps Miss Fisher's adopted daughter Jane is ready for a year abroad, chaperoned, of course, by Aunt Prudence, with Mr. Butler to facilitate the trip. With them in charge, Phryne and Dr. Mac can be on the prowl—surely Mac is due a good love interest at this point? Meanwhile, if something should happen back home, Dot and Hugh can bring Burt and Cec on the case.

And of course, there must be Phryne and Jack. The Kickstarter gleefully plays on our shipper misery with a tantalizing video, giving us an astonishingly disheveled Nathan Page with a man-bun, as if to make us crave the well-starched Jack Robinson even more.

Okay, never mind everyone else. We just have to have Jack around for Phryne to torment:

(Honestly, I think I'm just fine with it if they never even have sex. I'll be happy dangling on this string forever.)

What would you like to see happen in the movie? What characters will you miss most if they're not there?

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I'm with you on the Jack/Phryne thing: torment them forever!

The whole cast had such great chemistry that I would miss them, even Hugh who was my least favorite cast member.
2. willaful
He's a good foil. I remember my mom and I watching the first episode, and when Phryne went up to Hugh guarding the scene, I said, "She's going to chew him up and spit him out." And she did, too. ;-)
3. MelM
I haven't watched any episodes but I vote for Lin Chung from the novels.
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
@MelM, you should definitely watch ALL The episodes! He does make an appearance, and I actually would love to see him make a reappearance in the movie...

Jen Wattley
6. JenWattley
I really, really can't stand Hugh. I've been re-watching this show in the evenings (it's just too good) and he so underestimates and doesn't deserve Dot.

I hope we get a whole lot of smoldering from Phryne and Jack on the big screen. We deserve nice things.
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