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These Are The Best Bodyguards of Romance

The Bodyguard

You know the saying—everyone loves a man (or woman) in uniform! But is it the uniform that excites us, or is it the fantasy of a strong protector? Romance readers know that whether our heroes and heroines are undercover or in uniform, their protective instincts hold massive appeal. 

1. The Bodyguard (film)

No list of fictional bodyguards could be complete with mentioning Kevin Costner, so let’s get that out of the way first off. In the 1992 film The Bodyguard, Costner’s portrayal of Frank Farmer sets the stage for all bodyguard romances that follow. I hate that the screenwriters named an action romance hero ‘Frank Farmer’, but the plot is all kinds of catnip. The movie received poor critical reviews and with a 64% rating on, some fans felt that the execution left something to be desired. Still, this is one of those movies I can’t help watching if I see it on TV. (Sadly, it is not on Netflix).

2.  Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley

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Like many romances involving bodyguards, this one has at least a peripheral connection to the entertainment industry. The titular rock chick is Indy Savage, a cop’s daughter and used bookstore owner who has been in love with bad-boy-turned-private-eye Lee Nightingale her whole life. When Indy’s employee gets her in trouble with a group of criminals, Lee is forced to protect her. Sparks and bullets fly as Lee tries to save Indy’s life and convince her he’s one of the good guys now. Rock Chick is the first installment of a bodyguard series that pairs the rock chicks of Fortnum’s Bookstore with the ‘Hot Bunch’ of Nightingale Investigations.

First Lady by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

3. First Lady by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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This 2000 release is an oldie but a goodie, according to Goodreads reviewers (10,000 ratings can’t be wrong!). First Lady deals with another common bodyguard trope, in which the person in need of protection is a member of a royal or presidential family. This book is unique in that the heroine is the widow of an American president, rather than the daughter who is so often imperiled in bodyguard romance. The hero in this one is also unusual in that he isn’t a security professional, but a reporter who helps the heroine escape scrutiny when she runs away from the White House. This isn’t a traditional bodyguard/action romance, but it is an interesting twist on the genre.

4. To the Edge by Cindy Gerard

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The first book in Gerard’s The Bodyguards series stars Jillian Kincaid, daughter of a wealthy businessman, and Nolan Garrett, a former Special Ops agent who has been hired to protect the ‘spoiled princess’ from a stalker. Jillian has built a career as a TV anchorwoman and wants nothing to do with the restrictive lifestyle of her childhood, when bodyguards followed her every move. If you like tortured heroes and independent heroines, this book is for you! The Bodyguards series follows a group of brothers who own and run security firm E.D.E.N. Inc.

5.  Night Shift by Nora Roberts

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I love me some Nora! Like many of her heroines, Cilla O’Roarke is an independent woman with a very cool job. In book one of Roberts’ Night Tales series, Cilla is a late-night radio DJ who receives threatening phone calls. Boyd Fletcher is the detective assigned to protecte her. There are six books in this series, which is unusual for Ms. Roberts, who is most well known for her single titles and trilogies. However, these books are linked thematically rather than by an ongoing plotline or recurring cast of characters.

Pent Up by Damon Suede

6. Pent Up by Damon Suede

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In this male/male romance, zillionaire (not billionaire—zillionaire) Andy Bauer hires bodyguard Ruben Oso to protect him. As Ruben struggles with his feelings for the financier, he must also contend with his new boss’s potentially shady business deals, secrets, and paranoia. Reader, be warned—this book isn’t just dirty, it’s straight up filthy. Personally, I’m off to one-click this title right away.

7. Wynonna Earp

This comic book turned television series revolves around legendary gunslinger Wyatt Earp’s descendants and their efforts to defeat the family curse. There are so many sexy protector relationships in this show, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Wynonna herself does amazing things for leather pants while fighting demons and protecting everyone around her, Deputy Marshall Xavier Dolls is a brooding lawman, and the immortal Doc Holliday hides his true feelings under a roguish front. And then there’s #WayHaught, the fan favorite pairing of Waverly Earp and Officer Nicole Haught. Their relationship is sweet, steamy, and super sexy.

Honorable mentions:

The Princess Diaries and Princess Diaries 2 (minor spoiler alert)– In this teen rom-com series, the always charming Héctor Elizondo steals any scene he appears in. You probably remember him best as the hotel manager in Pretty Woman. In these movies, he continues the tradition of playing a reluctant ally to the heroine who is eventually revealed to be a true friend. After years of serving as head of security for the Queen of Genovia, Joe and the Queen get engaged at the end of The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

President Dad – I haven’t read this one so can’t speak to quality, but it looks crazy enough to be interesting! The English edition of this manhwa (South Korean comic) is published by Tokyopop and stars a young girl, Ami Won, whose father becomes president of South Korea. When she starts high school, her bodyguard, Fahrenheit, poses as a fellow student. He has the ability to imitate anyone by changing his height, build, and voice, and falls in love with Ami as the series progresses.

Who are your favorite bodyguards in romance?

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