Oct 3 2017 7:02am

Shirts vs Skins?

Hot shirtless man

When it comes to covers, the world is our oyster these days. We can have couples, solo women, solo men, clothes, no clothes.... anything can happen! However we all have our preferences so for today's topic, we're talking skin. Do you prefer shirtless men on your cover or someone who is more covered up? 

Tell me about it down in the comments!

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1. MelM
While I don't mind looking at a pretty model I do have to say that I've reached that caretaker phase of life where after a nice ogle I want to tell them to go take a warm shower and put on a sweater. And why are they running around like that anyway, they'll get Lyme disease and poison ivy on top of a very bad cold. Or to button up their shirt before they get reported to HR.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
@MelM--that is my favorite response to a shirtless cover model ever. It IS too cold to be running around shirtless ;)
3. Monique D
Enough already with most bare-chested wonders! They're nice to look at, but all the books look the same. So unoriginal.
Wendy the Super Librarian
4. SuperWendy
What Monique D said. All those hunky shirtless chests look the same to me - which renders the covers interchangeable and indistingushable. They all blur together after a while.
5. Karen H near Tampa
I'm totally in favor of muscles on display, that is, without shirts! My only problem is that too often the model's head is cut off and I like looking at attractive faces also. And I don't worry about them getting cold because men in general, especially when they're well-muscled, give off a lot of heat in my experience. The covers do look different to me, while I find all those historical romances with women in modern prom dresses, that are definitely not period-appropriate, all look the same except for color. For a while, they were all shown from the back, though that has tempered somewhat.
My biggest cover issue these days is that the "bad-boy" romances are starting to include cigarettes! Having seen the devastation of lung cancer in my family, not to mention the awful smell that hangs around smokers, I cannot be happy about this new trend and I sincerely hope it is restricted to a very small sample. We must not re-normalize smoking or we all suffer needlessly, as we did in the past. I personally consider it a very, very lazy way to show that the male protagonist is a bad boy.
6. suzazq
I think i would prefer tight shirt or shirt open. That leaves a little to the imagination, since really....when i see a body thats too over muscled and cut....I think self absorbed, not romance. And i really hate it when they put models on the cover and their looks don't match (like haircolor etc) to those of the character in the book!
7. jlea
The shirtless covers tell my librarians which books are mine. Small town. I say we stick with them.
8. wsl0612
(Looking at cover model) I'll take two! Wait, what was the question?
8. wsl0612
(Looking at cover model) I'll take two! Wait, what was the question?
9. Melonie
MelM: the comment about buttoning up before getting reported to HR cracked me up! Someone mentioned tight shirt - and oh yes, a t-shirt molded to some fine pecs or stretched around a thickly muscled (but not too muscled) arm. I'll objectify those kinds of covers from here to Sunday.

My daughter has taken issue with the plethora of bare pecs on covers and has taken matters into her own hands...literally. Here's an example of her handiwork:
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