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3 Science Fiction Romance Best Bets for October 2017

Seeking Vector by Cynthia Sax

Time to talk about a few new sci-fi romance releases for October!

Let’s start with Cynthia Sax’s latest Sizzling Cyborg #10, Seeking Vector (Amazon | B&N | Kobo).  As the book begins, Vector, the C Model cyborg in command of the warship Freedom, is a rough, tough, deadly fighter hiding a painful personal secret that borders on being a phobia I’d never have expected from a cyborg. Not only that, he’s frustrated by and attracted to, a female human hacker who’s been feeding him valuable intelligence tidbits about the evil Human Alliance (HA) battle plans. Can he trust her? Should he trust her? Is she possibly his fated mate? (You can guess the answer to that one!) They’ve never actually met when the book begins but her voice in his head is pretty intoxicating.

Kasia, the hacker, can break into anything, even cyborg programming. She’s also extremely good at hiding out in the HA battle station without being detected, while she spies on them and tries to help cyborgs being mistreated and tortured. She’s also fascinated by Vector and enjoys their verbal sparring – she wants to meet him just once before she goes on the run again. Here’s what Vector thinks of that idea: “I’ll follow you. I’ll chase you to the ends of the universe. You will never escape me.” Very determined, these cyborgs.

These two are scalding hot together, as with all of Author Sax’s couples, and their encounters are steamy and frequent. ”Every part of her touched by his lips fizzed, bubbling with his nanocytes…he tasted of metal and frustrated male…”

 Each learns to trust the other, there’s a lot of action, she gets to do more hacking…Vector learns through his love for Kasia to break a few of the rules running his life and she acquires a bit more discipline over her impulsive approach to everything. Author Sax’s world is dark, as I’ve mentioned before and some of the scenes of well-deserved cyborg payback against the truly evil HA members get pretty grim, but it’s balanced by how invested the reader becomes in the love story between Vector and Kasia. (Sax doesn’t linger on the grimness but it’s one thread in the background of the worldbuilding.) As usual, I finished the book feeling well pleased with the ending and the journey to get there. And of course debating which cyborg will get his book next.

Ash by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett’s Hell Squad series is on book #14, Ash, (Amazon | B&N) and I continue to admire how skillfully she changes up the dangers of the post-apocalyptic Australian-led war against the dinosaurlike Gizzida aliens. She always gives us fresh situations for her heroes and heroines. This book has a central trope I enjoy –  a geek and a bad boy with a heart of gold matchup. Marin Mitchell,  the nerdy geek gamer girl scientist hacker (if it’s related to science or technology, she does it all and is believable with her skills) and bad boy tattooed biker berserker Ash Connors find each other in the midst of the war and tragedy. Both are stationed at the Enclave, humanity’s last hidden base, and support the efforts against the Gizzida in their own ways. Marin’s been badly treated in the past, made fun of, and part of Ash’s challenge is to break down her constant fear that he’s not serious about her.

“The image of the handsome, sexy man with gorgeous, colorful tattoos that traveled up and down his arms drifted through her head….she wasn’t supposed to be sitting here daydreaming about  badass men who were so far out of her league…”

She’s been playing the Enclave’s MMRPG ‘PreEmptiveStrike’ in the evenings after science work is done as Badass Princess, who partners with SuperSoldier3. Give you one guess who that might be. Together they’re unbeatable.

I won’t do spoilers but this book had a lot of twists and turns and new threats from the aliens, who are truly awful.  Must share one that’s going to give me nightmares – intelligent computer cables that try to kill you – uh oh!

Read this in one sitting, as usual for me with an Anna Hackett book  – lots of hot sex (online gaming isn’t all Ash and Marin do well together, trust me), combat and dangerous action. A smart woman saving the day in various ways. A tough soldier with unsuspected depths. We also get to catch up with some of the characters from earlier in the series and that was a nice touch as well.

Seeran: Warlord Brides by Nancey Cummings and Starr Huntress

There are some books where I start reading the sample just to get the flavor of the story and the next thing I know, I’ve bought the e-book because I have to know what happens next.  Seeran: Warlord Brides (Warriors of Sangrin Book 6) by Nancey Cummings and Starr Huntress (Amazon) was one of those for me this month. I immediately felt sympathy for Hazel, the down-on-her-luck waitress, the heroine on the run from an abusive ex-husband. Hazel has guts and she never gives up. (I also loved everything about the tacky restaurant where she works, which has gone overboard on an alien theme in honor of – or to make a few bucks from – the Mahdfel aliens who saved Earth from the really cruel, evil Suhlik.  I so wanted to eat there.)

Of course, in return for their service,  the Mahdfel need willing Earth women to become their mates because as so often happens in these galactic wars, they’ve somehow been deprived of enough women of their own. But these guys are sexy and gallant, big in all the ways that matter, have horns and are purple. Seeran, the hero of the title, is a fine example of his species and he starts right off by saving Hazel from a beating at the hands of the ex-husband and recognizing her as his fated mate. She’s pretty bowled over by him too. He treats her  “…like I mattered…” Not only is Seeran  a great guy but as an avid watcher of the “Endless Hope and Suffering” soap opera, Hazel’s fascinated by the idea of Mahdfel-human relations. “This was her huge, fanged growling alien and he would never hurt her.”

He wants to take Hazel home to his mother, in accordance with his desire to marry her and oh yes, have very steamy moments together. Lots of them. It’s not a spoiler to tell you those moments happen, right?

The poor couple gets hamstrung by Earth bureaucracy (Seeran did get rough with the ex-husband)…by Mahdfel clan rules…by a traitor…by an enemy attack…and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. I don’t mean to imply this is written like a sci-fi romcom because it’s not, but the authors have a fine eye for the amusing detail, the ironic situation and the way Hazel – who seems very real -  would react to various situations. She doesn’t always make the best choices but neither does Seeran, so they’re nicely matched.

Now I have to go find the previous five books in that series…and the To Be Read pile grows taller.

Let me just quickly mention two new books by Evangeline Anderson, always a favorite and a good spicy read—Freeing the Prisoner and Seeing with the Heart. I found the latter book, with its blind human heroine and scarred Kindred hero especially poignant.

What new sci-fi romance reads have you added to your TBR List?

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