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Swoony Looks and Longing Eyes: Poldark, Season 3, Episode 2 Romelza Heart-to-Heart

Poldark, Season 3, Episode 2

Show/EpisodePoldark, Season 3, Episode 2* (US)
Ship(s): Ross/Demelza (Romelza)

*Editors Note: This is Episode 2 as broadcast by Masterpiece PBS in the U.S. This episode originally aired on BBC One as Episode 3.

Ross is still on a mission to France to find out any information about Dwight. Ross has apparently been gone for a while because Demelza is heavily and obviously with child. George is as terrible as always, especially now that he's a magistrate in the district. 

The Methodists in the county are causing quite the problem, and since two of them are related to Demelza, George goes out of his way to stamp out every bit of happiness or kindness they could receive, including the use of property Francis gave to the county. Sam and Drake, along with Zacky Martin go to Elizabeth to beg for her to intercede on their behalf with George. However, when George alerts Elizabeth that the two men are related to Demelza, Elizabeth gets mad at the perceived interference of Ross in her life and steals away to Truro, where she's faced with the knowledge that her husband is a horrible human being. George accuses a victim of an assault of making up her assault because the man who did it is from a rich, noble family.

In order to deal with the fact that George is, of course, the worst, Elizabeth starts to use a calming draught given to her by the doctor. I don't know what the concoction of said draught may be, but Elizabeth seems to really love it. 

Ross gets himself in a bind with the French governmental and barely manages to escape France with his life. This is not surprising to anyone who's been following how deeply stupid Ross Poldark can be. He escapes the first time by paying a bribe, then the second time by running away. Honestly, he's just a disaster. The good news, however, is that he does receive information that Dwight is still alive, but can only speculate on the condition of his imprisonment.


The real love story of this episode, however, is Morwenna and Drake. With Elizabeth and George leaving for Truro, Geoffrey Charles promises to write to Drake, prompting Drake to ask Romelza to teach him to read and write. They run and play on the beach with Geoffrey Charles. Drake asks Morwenna to dare him to kiss her. There's a lot of swoony looks and longing and, sigh... this is probably not going to end well, right? It's Poldark after all. 

At the end of the episode, there's a brilliant moment where Demelza reminds Ross that she's his wife and when he's away, she's the head of the household. It comes because Demelza bestowed a property to her brothers for their church. It's a sweet moment that reminds you how lucky Ross truly is. Luckier than he has any right to be.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

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