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Everyone Is Still a Little Miserable: Outlander Season 3, Episode 4 Heart-to-Heart

Show/EpisodeOutlander, Season 3, Episode 4, “Of Lost Things”
Couple(s): Jamie and Claire

Outlander 3x04 Captain's Log

Time certainly flies when you aren't having any fun at all. At least in Outlander, because great news everyone! It's now 1968 and Claire has a huge helmet of hair and a grown daughter. Yup, seems like just yesterday (or two weeks ago) that Brianna was just a baby, smiling in her crib and gurgling. Now, she's a grown woman and helping her mom dig through boring historical papers in Scotland in order to find Jamie. And while their quest seems to start on a positive note—they found record of Jamie's prison time!—the ends grow cold and so does Claire's hope.

Thank goodness, Brianna has the hunky Roger there to distract her with his doleful eyes and his beard and flirting...maybe. Knowing this show, I'm betting something terrible happens to the pair of them.

Basically, the future sucks. The only positive light: Claire's epic '60s eye makeup.

I literally wrote in my notes “blah, blah, blah,” which I think shows just how much I cared about the present timeline. To sum it up: Claire knows Jamie survived the battle, their last lead turns out to be a log of ship manifests from 1635, the dead end sends Claire to a bar for whisky (and in a show about time travel does anyone think 1635 isn't going to eventually be important?!), Brianna and Roger flirt some and share a kiss (more on that later), Claire gives up her hope, bags are packed, and we see a plane land. No mention of Frank. Remember Frank? Apparently, no one else does.

Now jump back in time to 1756 where Jamie is adjusting to being the new groom in a posh noble house. His hair is looking great, I miss the kilt, and he's going by Alexander Mackenzie now. For the most part, life seems pretty okay. Yes, he's a prisoner, but he's also getting paid and no one is trying to kill him currently. In the scheme of things, I would call that a win. However, life can't just be simply okay for poor Jamie. Nope, he's so hot that he's caught the eye of the eldest daughter of the house, Lady Geneva, a willful, rude and demanding girl who is engaged to an old geezer of an earl. Now, Lady Geneva doesn't want her first time to be with her gross future husband; nope, she wants Jamie and his tight butt, and she's not afraid to use blackmail to get it. Turns out Lady Geneva is pretty ruthless and after observing a rather tense exchange between John Grey, his brother, and Jamie in the woods, she scores some damaging information: Alexander is not Alexander, he's Red Jamie and she knows where his family is. Blackmail!!!! She'll keep his secret but Jamie has to sleep her with.


And he does. Real talk, it was kinda hot. Jamie was tender and nice about it and we saw Geneva's vulnerability. Plus, there were several butt shots. The two have a nice little heart-to-heart about love and lust, and then the next scene Geneva and her old as balls husband have come for a visit... a very pregnant Geneva.

What do you think the odds are that the babe is Jamie's?

Go ahead. Guess. I'll wait.

Surprise! The baby is definitely his! A frantic Lady Isobel (Geneva's sister) comes to ask Jamie to get the carriage ready, her sister is having the baby and there's a problem. The whole family rushes to her side (plus Jamie), only for Geneva to die. Emotions are high, the earl has a knife, we learn the following:

  1. The earl knows the baby isn't his, he never shared his young wife's bed
  2. He'd rather kill the babe than to let his in-laws have him
  3. Jamie would make a great Wild West gunslinger
  4. Isobel is the only one that knows about Jamie and Geneva's one night stand


When faced with his new son being killed, Jamie shoots the earl and kills him dead. Yay! His employers are so thrilled he saved their grandson that they offer to help him get pardoned so he can return home. Isobel promises to never tell the truth about Willie's dad. Jamie decides to stick around a bit and TIME JUMP we see Jamie teaching Willie to ride a horse and in general being part of his son's life as best he can. Only, it's time for Jamie to leave. People are starting to notice the similarities between the father and son, which is no good for anyone. So Jamie approaches John Grey to ask a favor: watch out for his son, be a father to Willie. In exchange? Jamie will give his body to Grey. The whole exchange led to a really sad and heartbreaking moment between the two where Grey promises to watch Willie without the sex, even while acknowledging he'll probably always want Jamie—me too, Grey, me too. The two clasp hands. I was instantly like “CLAIRE WHO?!? GIVE ME MORE JOHN AND JAMIE ROMANCE” before they part ways to the tune of a sad guitar song.

So yeah, Jamie has a son! And a daughter! And everyone is still a little miserable. I'm going to go read some Jamie Fraser/Lord John Grey fanfic.

Memorable Lines:

Jamie: “It's not love, my lady, it's the feelings I've roused in your body. It's strong. But it's not the same thing as love.”
Lady Geneva: “What is the difference between them?”
Jamie: “This, what you feel for me now, ye could have with any other man...Well, love it when ye give your heart and soul to another. And they give theirs in return.” 

“I shall probably want you till the day I die...”
-Major Grey

Charting the Course:

Who knows? Now that Claire knows he lived, I really think she should focus on figuring out the time travel thing. Just me. But what do I know?

Next Stop:

Season 3, Episode 5, “Freedom and Whiskey”

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Lizzie Poteet is a hopeless romantic who appreciates a good kilt and a sexy Scottish burr. Even if she can hardly understand it. She studied abroad at the University of St. Andrews on the off chance she would fall back in time and meet her own warrior soul mate. Sadly, she didn’t and now lives in New York with her dog Mr. Darcy where she watches a lot of TV by night and working as a literary agent by day. You can follow her @lizziepoteet.

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1. Kahintenn
Thanks for the recap! It's great to get the take of someone who hasn't read the books.

I thought this episode was excellent, one of the better episodes so far. We don't really need much detail about Claire's life, because as a modern woman, her history is our history--accessible, understandable. Wife, mother, doctor/professional, there's something in there that most of us can relate to, and the 60s are not so long ago that we can't relate. It's Jamie's experiences that we need so that we can understand what the 20 years without Claire have done, how they have further shaped the man he is and is becoming. Jamie's superior strength of character is becoming obvious, and we are seeing the events that are shaping that strength in him. I found the Jamie/John friendship , Jamie's love for his son (he has now lost or been forced to lose all three of his children), and even his handling of the spoiled Geneva to be very moving.

The interlude with Geneva gives Jamie a son, and it also shows that he acts with some integrity even when blackmailed. He offers Geneva the ooportunity to change her mind. He is careful of her body. Afterward he is careful of her feelings, not allowing her to have false hope or a false understanding of their relationship.

Geneva was completely wrong to coerce Jamie into her bed. Geneva dies in childbirth, which sadly was all too common in those days, but she asserted her agency as much as was possible for a noblewoman of her time. I admire her for having the guts not to accept an intolerable marriage on someone else's terms.

I like Brianna and Roger and the actors that play them. People have complained about Sophie Skelton's portrayal, but they might remember that at this point Brianna is just 18. Roger is young too. I am looking forward to seeing them grow up. That's one of the strengths of Gabaldon's storytelling, that you get to witness and therefore understand the events that shape these people's lives.

RIP Frank. Tobias Menzies has been just fabulous in his dual roles.
2. Pellington
Here's something I don't understand (and no, I didn't read the books). How is that Claire's timeline exactly matches up with Jamie's, but Gillis was able to go from 1968 to 1744 (or earlier), marry a judge, become a white witch, meet Dougal and get pregnant, just as Claire was turning up for the first time? Shouldn't she have shown up in 1768 when all the clansmen were already dead in the war?

Also, we all assumed Frank was a direct decendant of Jack because they are literally twins of each other. But then we found our Jack married his brother's lover because she was pregnant and it was his brother's dying plea. So, while Jack was a close relative, he wasn't the actual sire of Frank's ancestors. Isn't it really odd that Frank looks like Jack instead of Jack's brother?

And man, I miss Tobias. He is an excellant actor.
3. Nicki S
I haven't read the books, but I have read so much about them on the Ladies of Lollybroch website that I don't need to, lol. Interesting how the show makes some twists yet keeps to the basic storyline of the books. Different ways of attaining the same results, and I'm not gonna give any spoilers. I no longer can watch the show, because I can't afford to subscribe to Starz for maybe 3 months of something worth watching there, so I read the reviews of the episodes here and episode recaps on another blog. Thanks for the info!
4. Scarletteanne
You ask about Frank. Frank has died, he doesn't need a say in her search anymore.
Elizabeth Poteet
5. ElizabethPoteet
@Kahintenn - as someone who doesn't know the books (I read the first one) I am fine with Roger and Brianna. I mean they haven't really had HUGE parts on the show yet, so will hold judgment until their storylines are a bit bigger...

@Pellington - thinking about time hurts my head....

@Nicki - glad to be of help! It's sucky to love a show that's not easy to find. Personally, I love X-Factor UK so I spend a fair amount of time on YouTube.

@Scarletteanne - love him or hate him (I love him), while Frank made his mistakes he's still Brianna's father, and Brianna is still undertaking a huge task in this episode helping her mom look for Jamie. You'd think that while she was confessing to Roger her fear of losing her mom, she'd mention the loss of her father. Sure, he has no say in CLAIRE'S search, but the loss of a parent doesn't ever really go away in a child's life - even if your relationship wasn't always great. That's where I feel this episode failed in honoring Tobias's complex depiction of Frank, when it comes to Brianna.
Susan White
6. whiskeywhite
@Kahintenn, I agree completely with your assessment of this episode. Especially:
I found the Jamie/John friendship, Jamie's love for his son (he has now lost or been forced to lose all three of his children), and even his handling of the spoiled Geneva to be very moving.
I find the Jamie/John relationship especially interesting. Jamie's harsh rejection of John's initial advances was hard to watch but completely understandable given Jamie's torture and rape by Jack Randall. Nonetheless their friendship deepens and John demonstrates repeatedly his depth of character. There was a sadness in Jamie's offering of his body to John -- I can't find the right word to describe it. Mercenary captures a bit of it but isn't right. John turns him down with grace, and honesty, and their parting is poignant.

But Willie is left in the best care possible. I wonder how Jamie will tell Claire about Willie.

And yes, Elizabeth, those derriere shots were delicious.

I laughed at Claire's mild outrage at the segregation in the pub. I remember the 60's clearly, including taverns in Montreal with separate entrances, and bar facilities, for men and women.
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